Council Meeting Summary: January 14th, 2021

The reorganizational meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor Travis Boyd.  The meeting was held via zoom due to COVID19.  Members present were:  Grant Downes, Jessica Miller, Jim Miller, Scott Noble, Claudia Rogers, Eric White, Molly Murphy, Mat Hawk, Chief Hager, Kevin L’Hommedieu, and visitors Janet Rogers and Bonnie Welker.


Finance:  Jim Miller, Chair; Grant Downes and Eric White

Safety:  Grant Downes, Chair; Jim Miller and Jessica Miller

Streets and Alleys:  Jessica Miller, Chair; Jim Miller and Grant Downes

Utilities:  Scott Noble, Chair; Claudia Rogers and Jessica Miller

Cemetery:  Claudia Rogers, Chair; Scott Noble and Eric White

Parks and Public Buildings:  Eric White, Chair; Claudia Rogers and Scott Noble

MAGNOLIA PLANNING COMMISSION:  The legislative authority of each Village may establish a commission consisting of five members:  the Mayor, one elected member of the legislative authority, and three citizen members of the Village, to serve a term of one year.

Magnolia Planning Commission 2021:  Mayor Boyd, Grant Downes, Alan Tozzi, Mike Rogers, and Mike Lancaster

President pro tempore:  Grant Downes

Representative to Stark County Regional Planning Commission:  Mayor Boyd

Representative to Carroll County Regional Planning Commission:  Grant Downes

The Mayor, with the advice and consent of Council, appointed the following officials:

Zoning Inspector:  Alan Tozzi

Cemetery Clerk:  Tim Costello

Disaster Services Director and Fire Safety Officer:  Donnie Nicholson

Street Commissioner:  Chief Hager

Representative to SCOG:  Mayor Boyd

Member Records Commission:  Janet Rogers

Representative to Quad Ambulance:  Steve Loomis

Council will meet regularly at 7:00 p.m. on the second Wednesday of each month.

The regular meeting of Magnolia Village Council was called to order on January 14, 2021 at 7:27 p.m. by Mayor Travis Boyd.  The meeting was held via zoom due to COVID19.  Members present were:  Grant Downes, Jessica Miller, Jim Miller, Scott Noble, Claudia Rogers, Eric White, Molly Murphy, Mat Hawk, Chief Hager, Kevin L’Hommedieu, and visitors Sonny Fitzsimmons, Janet Rogers and Bonnie Welker.

VISITOR’S COMMENTS:  Janet Rogers thanked the council for the generous donation to the Magnolia Historical Society through the CARES ACT funds.

MINUTES:  Jim Miller made a motion to accept the minutes from the December regular meeting, which was seconded by Claudia.  All ayes.

FISCAL OFFICER’S REPORT:   Scott Noble made a motion to accept the report as presented, which was seconded by Jessica Miller.  All ayes.

MAT HAWK’S REPORT:  Mat Hawk thanked the council for the pay raise for 2021.  He spoke about getting an address sign for the village garage and signs for the baseball and softball fields – numbers designating each field.  The village hall Christmas decorations were taken down, and he has contacted Average Joe about taking down the snowflakes and wreaths.  The old air compressor and impact driver need to be replaced, and the Kubota tractor needs a new seat.  Jim Miller will look into replacing the air compressor and impact driver, and permission was given to Mat to purchase a new tractor seat.

ADDITIONS TO BUSINESS:  Grant Downes spoke to the resident who has had chickens in their backyard for quite some time.   Zoning prohibits animal and poultry husbandry, but he could not find a village ordinance that addresses the issue. He discussed several options, including backyard poultry programs.  The issue will be taken to committee and Grant will come back with a report. 


NEW BUSINESS:  Jessica Miller reported that the paper bin down at the park was overflowing during the Christmas season. People were placing cardboard and paper on the ground outside of the bin, which is unlawful and considered to be littering.  It has been picked up weekly since this first week of December.  It was discussed to have two bins during the week of Christmas next year.   A new sign for the paper bin was discussed.


PARKS AND PUBLIC BUILDING:  Eric White reported that the capstones were completed at the fire station today.  He has not checked the village hall yet to see if the work was done there also. 

The Playground Committee gave him an update regarding the chain link fence and the walking path around the play area.  The replacement windows have been ordered for the town hall, and the soffit will be done in the spring.  Clevenger will do the work at the lower price.

SAFETY:  Grant Downes reported the safety reported the police hours for December:  Police Hours East Sparta – 192.5; Magnolia – 249; Auxiliary Hours East Sparta – 72; Magnolia – 58.5;  Traffic stops East Sparta – 2; Magnolia – 3; Traffic Arrests East Sparta – 0; Magnolia – 1; Calls for Service East Sparta – 9; Magnolia – 11; Agency Assists – 3.

Totals for 2020:  Police Hours East Sparta – 2,771.50; Magnolia – 3,103.50; Auxiliary Hours East Sparta – 164; Magnolia – 149.50; Traffic stops East Sparta – 104; Magnolia – 144; Traffic Arrests East Sparta – 3; Magnolia – 6; Crash Reports East Sparta – 2; Magnolia – 0; Misdemeanor Arrests East Sparta – 3; Magnolia – 0; Felony Arrests East Sparta – 0; Magnolia – 2; Calls for Service East Sparta – 154; Magnolia – 151; Agency Assists – 30.

Chief Hager reported the service estimate for the Dodge:  $2,538.95.  The car has 117,222 miles, and he recommended not to go forward with the repairs.  He contacted Sarchione to get a spec price at state bid for a Ford Explorer, and will get an estimate on taking the equipment out of the Dodge that they could use.  Jim Miller asked if it would be advisable to sell the car with everything in it.  Chief Hager didn’t think it is feasible.

Other police business:  the telescoping extension cords are in place and the paper towel holders have been installed.  They will be a big help.  There was a problem with the flag pole, but it has been repaired and new flags have been ordered.

CEMETERY:  Claudia Rogers reported that $2,950 was collected during December 2020.  The new cemetery rates are in effect.  For more information, contact Tim Costello for prices.

UTILITIES:  Scott Noble reported that Columbia Gas has sent out letters regarding the gas line replacement.  There was one street light out, which was reported.  He needs to get in touch with the utility companies so that the utilities can be moved from the old utility poles to the new ones, and the old ones can be removed. 

FINANCE:   Jim Miller reported about Marianne Beck fund.  When we get the green light to start, he will need copies of the pavilion roof, and eat stand roof invoices.  He and Chief Hager are going to the recycling on Shroyer to recycle electronics.  A representative from Apache came down last week to train with new UV-c sanitizing lights.  Raises will be in effect for the police force and for Mat Hawk the first full pay period in January.

Chief Hager asked if an ordinance could be passed which allowed him to have two more weeks of vacation this year, since he lost 82 hours of vacation last year due to COVID.  Kevin L’Hommedieu stated that an ordinance could be passed that would pay or give Chief Hager two additional weeks of vacation, for a total of 6 weeks.  Jim asked if the chief could be paid for 42 hours and given one additional week.  The issue will be revisited next month after Chief Hager and Molly Murphy have a chance to confirm the numbers. 

STREETS AND ALLEYS:   Jessica Miller had a complaint about the intersection at the north east corner of the town hall, because it is not marked as a four-way stop.  She was informed that the law for alleys is that they must be treated as a four-way stop, even if they are not marked as such.  She asked Mat Hawk to make it a three-way stop, and he is going to call 411 to make sure there are no lines underneath.   

Tope property issue:  Sonny Fitzsimmons thinks that the line is part of the sewer system, which he is going to check on.




Claudia Rogers made a motion to approve the application for the TAP Grant.  Scott Noble seconded the motion.  All Ayes.

The project is $750,000, and the village would pay $125,000.  The grant could also be awarded in smaller increments for smaller projects. 


Jessica Miller made a motion to proceed with the Renewal Certification Application for the Ohio Natural Gas Governmental Aggregators and the Ohio Electric Governmental Aggregators (Trebel).  The motion was seconded by Claudia Rogers.  All Ayes.

ACTION ON BILLS:   Grant Downes made a motion to pay the bills as presented.  The motion was seconded by Claudia Rogers.  All ayes.

MAYOR’S REPORT:  Mayor Boyd reported that in April or May…..ODOT will be doing micro surfacing from Cline Street to the village limits on State Route 183.  He will meet soon with Marianne Beck and her financial planners and accountant to get things started with the Beck funded projects.  He has met with Average Joes regarding removal of several trees that pertain to project plans. 


 Jessica Miller made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  The meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

 Travis M. Boyd, Mayor                                  Molly B. Murphy, Fiscal Officer

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