Council Meeting Summary: February 17th, 2021

The Regular Meeting of Magnolia Village Council was called to order on February 17, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom by Mayor Travis Boyd. Members present were Grant Downes, Jessica Miller, Jim Miller, Scott Noble, and Eric White.  Others present were Molly Murphy, Bob Leach, Donnie Nicholson, Chief Hager and Kevin L’Hommedieu.  Mat Hawk and Claudia Rogers were absent.

Grant Downes made a motion to excuse council member Claudia Rogers.  The motion was seconded by Jim Miller.  All Ayes.

MINUTES:  Eric White made a motion to accept the minutes as presented.  Jessica Miller seconded the motion.  All Ayes.

FISCAL OFFICER’S REPORT:   Jim Miller made the motion to approve the report as presented, which was seconded by Scott Noble.  All Ayes.

MAT HAWK’S REPORT:   Jim Miller reported that he purchased an impact driver, so Mat now has two chargers and four batteries.  Jim also found a 2HP air compressor at Harbor Freight.

Mayor Boyd gave a shout out to Mat for the extra attention he has paid to the roads.  Eric White reported that the old plow is in dire need to be replaced.  We can get through the season, but will need a new 9-foot Myer plow for next season.  One quote from Cross Trucking was $2,000. 

Jessica Miller reported that Mat said the truck had an oil leak and also an electrical issue, but both are now resolved.




Zoning update:  Grant Downes reported that he met with Alan Tozzi since the last meeting.  Alan had denied a request to build on the parcel beside the Grange because there is an easement.  There is an appeal hearing on March 3 at 7:00 p.m. The owners of the property are asking the village to abate the easement. Residents Bonnie Welker, Mike Lancaster, and Mike Rogers are on the committee, and will report their decision to the council and then the council will make a decision.


PARKS AND PUBLIC BUILDING:  Eric White reported that he has been in contact with John Clevenger about the windows for the village hall.  They have been ordered, but they have not arrived yet.

Eric is still working with the committee to finalize the walking track (around playground). They also want to remove and replace the fence.  The benches that were ordered came in and are being stored in Trushel building.

Eric, Jim Miller and Mayor Boyd had a meeting with Stark Parks.  They wanted to update and talk about future plans for the Mill.  They have received many grants and are looking into funding to open up the canal that runs through the park, with the possibility of installing a bridge.  There was a discussion about the mill pond.  The village is not happy with the lack of upkeep and the smell that results from that.  They said they are going to try to fix it. 

Jim Miller said that much of what the money was spent on at the Mill is not visible to the general public, such as structural repairs and updates.

Grant Downes said to their credit they did come and clear out the towpath and cleared out trees behind his house. 

Eric brought up the concern that there is no ice skating on the pond.  Stark Parks acted as if they did not know anything about it.  Today, the fountains were pulled out of the pond and Stark Parks does want to allow ice skating on the pond

SAFETY:  Don Nicholson went over the year-end report for the fire department.

They really need new people to become involved.

Police report:  Chief Hager read the monthly report.  He is down to six police officers.

Dodge is DOA, and is at Sarchione waiting to see what we want to do with it. Pricing for new vehicles:  Ford Explorer, $37,800 and Chevy Tahoe, $37,600.  An additional $12,000 of equipment needs to be installed.  If we order it now, it will be the fall before it is delivered.  Jim Miller said we needed to start the process to order it and take out a loan.  Chief Hager would prefer to have a Ford since the dealer is close by.

He and Jim Miller took a lot of old electronics up to Stark Recycling on Shroyer Avenue in January.

CEMETERY:  Eric White reported about the accident in the cemetery.  Molly Murphy reported that $1,200 was collected in the month of January. 

Jim Miller had a phone call regarding the cemetery road project.   He also wants that company to bid on resurfacing basketball and tennis courts.

UTILITIES:  Scott Noble thanked everyone to agree to switch the meeting dates so that he can participate.  He has contacted the gas company regarding the line replacements.  The company is running behind, but expect to begin at the end of the month.  He has also contacted AT&T and Spectrum regarding switching their lines over to the new utility poles.

FINANCE:   Jim Miller reported that Molly will want to talk about appropriations soon.  That will be at the next meeting.  He purchased Norton Security for up to 10 users for the new laptops.  Grant said that he could administer that for the council, and Jim will install it on the Board of Public Affairs computers.

STREETS AND ALLEYS:   Jessica Miller reported that there is a complaint about parking on Carrollton Street in front of the beauty shop.  A discussion followed.

Chief Hager said he looked at it, and the parking needs to be 10 feet from the corner.  Discussed moving the parking spaces farther away and marking them.




ODOT District 4 Agreement. 

Motion by Jim Miller

Second by Grant Downes

All Ayes

Suspend statutory rules and pass on an emergency basis on first reading.

Motion by Grant Downes

Second by Scott Noble

All Ayes


2021 Dispatch Agreement with Nimishillen Township Fire Department at $600 per month.

Motion by Jessica Miller

Second y Jim Miller

All Ayes

Suspend statutory rules and pass on an emergency basis on first reading.

Motion by Scott Noble

Second by Jessica Miller

All Ayes


Carroll County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan

Motion by Eric White

Second by Jim Miller

All Ayes

Suspend statutory rules and pass on an emergency basis on first reading.

Motion by Scott Noble

Second by Jessica Miller

All Ayes

ACTION ON BILLS:   Jim Miller made a motion to pay bills in the amount as presented.  The motion was seconded by Eric White.   All Ayes.

MAYOR’S REPORT:  Everything Mayor Boyd had to discuss was done so in the meeting.

Eric White said thank you to all who contacted him when he was ill.


Eric White made a motion to adjourn the meeting, which was seconded by Grant.  The meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Travis Boyd, Mayor                                          Molly B. Murphy, Fiscal Officer

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