Village Officials

  • Mayor: Travis Boyd
  • Fiscal Officer: Penny Rainsberger
  • Village Council:
    • Jim Miller; Finance*
    • Claudia Rogers; Cemetery*
    • Eric White; Parks and Public Buildings*
    • Grant Downes; President, Safety*
    • Jessica Miller^; Safety*
    • Scott Noble; Utilities*
  • Board of Public Affairs
    • Jay Herstine
    • Neil Stratton
    • Jamie Crowe
    • Lorrie Clevenger, Clerk
  • Chief of Police: Jeff Hager
  • Water Superintendent: Michael Schmidt
  • Cemetery Clerk: Tim Costello
  • Zoning Inspector: Deb Faiello
  • Village Grounds Manager: Anthony Watkins

*Denotes Committee Chair

^Steve Loomis has been appointed by Council to fill the seat while Jessica Miller is on extended maternity leave.

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