Village of Magnolia Ordinances

Please see some of the below local ordinances for reference. These are intended to help maintain the Village in a manner where both residents and visitors can appreciate and enjoy Magnolia.

Soliciting and Related Fees – Ordinance # 10-87-23

Any solicitation or door to door activity may be conducted by permit only. Permits must be obtained in advance, and anyone requesting a permit must provide a list of names, addresses, phone numbers, and Social Security number or driver’s license of anyone who will be soliciting. Fees are as follows for For-Profit businesses and individuals: $15 for up to two weeks, $25 for up to four months, and $50 for up to one year. For charitable, non-profit organizations such as churches, school groups, civic clubs, service clubs, youth organizations, or any other organizational which possess a Federal Tax Exemption number: no fees, but a permit must still be obtained.

Anyone wishing to obtain a Solicatation Permit may contact the Village Hall at 330.866.2620 or the Magnolia Police Department at 330.866.9434.

Curfew (for minors 17 and under) – Ordinance # 335

  • June 1 to October 1: 10:00pm
  • October 1 to November 1: 7:00pm
  • November 1 to June 1: 9:00pm

Any person 17 and younger must be accompanied by an adult who is in charge of that child. This includes juveniles who may be driving around town, but not on their way home from school, work, or other activities. The curfew applies to juveniles caught in any illegal activity or as necessary.

Emergency Snow Parking Ban – Ordinance # 96-21

In the event of a snow accumulation of four inches or more, the Mayor or Work Coordinator may declare an emergency to ban the parking of vehicles on either side of the following streets: Plum, Brady, High, Levee Circle, North Main, North Elson, and Plain. A snow emergency announcement will be furnished to a local media outlet as well as on official Village electronic communications, and a termination announcement to the snow emergency will appear in the same locations. Any motor vehicle found parked or standing on those streets may be removed by the police department.

Unlicensed and Junk Motor Vehicles – Ordinance # 12-03-21

No person shall park, store, leave, or permit the parking or storing of any unlicensed motor vehicle or any vehicle in a wrecked condition, whether attended or not, for a period in excess of ten calendar days upon any private property within the Village, unless the same is completely enclosed within a building, or other appropriate conditions. The condition includes a wrecked condition such as extremely damaged but not limited to any of the following: missing wheels, tires, motors or transmissions, or if the vehicle is apparently inoperable, or if the vehicle is unlicensed.

Control of Grass Clippings and Leaves – Ordinance # 7-91-6

Any grass clippings from mowing and/or weed trimmings or leaves may not be discharged into Village streets. This is the responsibility of the homeowner regardless if the property is managed by a landscaping company or lawn service. The grass clippings and leaves can wash and collect in the catch basins for the storm sewers, rendering them less effective and causing unnecessary maintenance dollars and sanitation issues.

Mowing of Weeds and Lawns – Ordinance # 8-77-9

In order to keep land within the Village free of noxious weeds and rank vegetation, lawns on a platted lot must be mowed to a height of no more than four inches at all times, and areas on an out lot must be mowed at least once during the month of May and again once during the month of August in every year.

Control of Animal Waste – Ordinance # 3-12-5

No one who owns or posses an animal (dogs, cats, or other domestic animals) shall permit such animal to deposit fecal waste on any public or private property in the Village, other than the owner’s own property. Any owner observing or learning of his or her animal depositing waste on public or private property, other than property of the owner, shall immediately remove such waste from such land and dispose of such waste in an enclosed container.

The above ordinances are summarized for a brief understanding and review. For any questions or to review a full text of an ordinance, residents may contact the Village Hall at 330.866.2620 or the Magnolia Police Department at 330.866.9434.