Council Meeting Summary: September 9th, 2020



The Regular Meeting of Magnolia Village Council was called to order on September 9 at 7:00 p.m. at the Magnolia Fire Department by Mayor Travis Boyd. Members present were Jim Miller, Grant Downes, Jessica Miller, Eric White, Molly Murphy.  Also present were Mat Hawk, Jay Herstine, Chief Hager, Tim Costello, Residents Mr. & Mrs. Bartlett. 

Jim Miller made a motion to excuse council members Claudia Rogers and Scott Noble.  The motion was seconded by Eric White.  Vote:  4 yes votes from the members present. 

 VISITOR’S COMMENTS:  Mr. Bartlett asked if there was an update on the alley issue from last month.  A discussion followed regarding the road pins.  They were not sure about the markings that were marked.  If gravel is put in, they wanted to make sure the alley didn’t encroach on their property. 

MINUTES:  Jessica Miller made a motion to accept the minutes from August 12 as presented. Eric seconded the motion.  All Ayes. 

FISCAL OFFICER’S REPORT:   Jessica Miller made a motion to accept the Fiscal Officer’s report as presented.  The motion was seconded by Grant Downes.  All Ayes. 

MAT HAWK’S REPORT:  Mat Hawk reported that mowing has picked back up; the catch basins are being cleaned; and two metal support beams in the garage need to be looked at, because the support columns are rusted out.  Trushel welding will be looking at it.   

The valves in the new sprayer all broke, because they are plastic.  The manufacturer said that it is a defect so they sent new ones.   

He has been doing maintenance on truck and on mower.  The truck will be undercoated this fall.  The fire department recently replaced back tires on the rescue truck so those tires will be put on the village truck.   

He asked about Comp time.  Eric White and Jim Miller said that they discussed this before.  It is not yet set up in the system, so he will have to keep track of comp hours separately.  The new payroll will be in place by the beginning of the year, so then it will be kept track of in the system. 


Jessica Miller talked about getting in touch with Quad and Tri-Division regarding items that they could use that could be purchased with the COVID funds.  The fire department and police want hand sanitizers.   A discussion followed regarding possible ways to spend the money. 

OLD BUSINESS:  Jim Miller reported about Dan Joseph is still working on the edging and painting the roads at the stop signs.  He expressed appreciation for the great work that Dan is doing.  Jim asked Mat Hawk if the signs for recycling arrived?  Answer:  Yes. 

NEW BUSINESS:   Zoning:  Grant Downes presented a zoning report.  He would like to set up a public meeting regarding the info on the report, so that an ordinance could be set up. 


PARKS AND PUBLIC BUILDING:  Eric White reported that he forgot about scheduling the clean up day.  The new date is October 10 from 8 to noon.   

A motion made by Eric White and seconded by Jim Miller to assist the Sandy Valley Baseball Association by contributing $1,500 for the metal roofs on the dugouts.  All ayes. Eric will ask them to send an invoice for the amount so that we would have a paper trail.   Mayor Boyd asked that the BB Association write a letter to the village letting us know that they could not have fundraising due to COVID19.  The total cost is $4,440 to put metal roofs on all of the dug outs.   

Eric asked about the Pavilion roof.  Jim feels that there is enough in the budget to move forward with the roof on the pavilion only. 

The Stark County Foundation needs to have three estimates for the village hall windows and painting, and Eric said that it is difficult to get contractors to come out to give the estimates.  He will work on getting them so we could submit the request. 

Jay Herstine brought up the pillars in front of the fire station.  Jim Miller stated that he brought up the subject at the Historical Society meeting and Mark Wadsworth, Historical Society member, said that he would look at them with the Historical Society’s blessing.  Mark found concrete tops for $30 per piece.  Eric is more than willing to have Mark do that if he wanted to.   

SAFETY:  Grant Downes read the safety report from August 2020:  East Sparta, 204.5; Magnolia, 239.5; Magnolia traffic stops 16; East Sparta 6.  Magnolia traffic arrests 0; East Sparta 0.  Magnolia felony arrests 0, East Sparta 0.  Magnolia calls for service 19; East Sparta 16; Agency assists:  2.   

The new radar gun is in service.  East Sparta will pay half and Magnolia will pay half. The department started using it on September 1. 

Chief Hager delivered 18 junk vehicle sheets to area residents. 

The Dodge was in for service again, at a price of approximately $500.  Chief Hager would like to start looking for a newer vehicle. 

The antenna at the south end of the building at the village hall is falling down and should be taken down soon.    

The ODOT oil and gas permit is due next Wednesday.  Grant is working with Katie and Quicksol.   

There was a request for possible village projects for an upcoming Eagle Scout project.  Grant will tell them to reach out to Eric White. 

Grant has been doing research on what other communities are doing about Trick or Treat.   A discussion followed.  Jim Miller made a motion to hold Trick or Treat on Saturday, October 31 with suggested guidelines.  Jessica Miller seconded the motion.  All Ayes. 

CEMETERY:  Claudia Rogers was absent.   Tim Costello reported that $2,400 was collected.  There was a $200 donation from Judy McQueen. 

Caleb Fornash washed the cemetery shed and did repairs with it.  Steve Loomis will contact the company that made the sign because it is starting to fade. 

Safety issue – headstones that have bad foundations and are starting to topple.   A discussion followed. 

UTILITIES:  Scott Noble was absent. 

FINANCE:   Jim Miller reported that amounts will need to be transferred.  He made a motion to transfer funds from Parks, Repair of Tennis Courts $2,000 to Parks – Maintenance.  The motion was made by Jim Miller and seconded by Grant.  All Ayes. 

STREETS AND ALLEYS:   Jessica Miller reported that the Village does not have an ordinance regarding digging up roads.  She will work with the committee to come up with something. 

SOLICITER’S REPORT:  Kevin L’H sent a report about the alley in the cemetery. (attach email)   


ACTION ON BILLS:  Grant Downes made a motion to pay bills in the amount of  $25,684.52 as presented.  The motion was seconded by Jessica Miller.  All Ayes. 

MAYOR’S REPORT:  Mayor Boyd reported that the board has already discussed everything that he planned to discuss.     


Eric White made a motion to adjourn the meeting, which was seconded by Jim Miller.  The meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m. 

__________________________                                            __________________________ 

Travis Boyd, Mayor                                                                 Molly B. Murphy

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