Council Meeting Summary: August 12th, 2020




The Regular Meeting of Magnolia Village Council was called to order on August 12 at 7:00 p.m. at the Magnolia Fire Department by Mayor Travis Boyd. Members present were Scott Noble, Jim Miller, Grant Downes, Claudia Rogers, Jessica Miller, Eric White, Molly Murphy. Also present were, Kevin L., Mat Hawk, Jay Herstine, Tim Costello, Mike Rogers. Residents Mr. & Mrs. Bartlett and Mike Rogers.

Mr. Barlett spoke about Peach Court. He and his wife were told it was an alley when they moved there 17 years ago. At the time, they were told by village council that there was not enough money in the budget to gravel the alley. Their lawyer researched the property and stated that it is an alley. Recently, there has been some gravel has been put in, and they wondered if more will be put in. Claudia Rogers stated that the main reason the cloth and stone was put in was to keep the land from getting ruts. That is cemetery land and not town land. Eric White suggested looking at the auditor’s website to see if it is cemetery or town property. Jessica Miller (Street Dept), stated that to her knowledge that there are no main driveways going into Peach Court, and her department is currently working on the alleys that have driveways going into the alleys. She understands their concern, and they are working on the budget to pave other alleys.

MINUTES: Claudia Rogers made a motion to accept the minutes from July 8, 2020. Jessica Miller seconded the motion. All Ayes.

FISCAL OFFICER’S REPORT: Jessica Miller made a motion to accept the Fiscal Officer’s report as presented. The motion was seconded by Scott Noble. All Ayes.

MAT HAWK’S REPORT: Mat Hawk reported that there have been pavilion rentals. The south wall of village garage is painted, and the north wall is power washed but not painted. They received a 5’ x 7 ‘sign for recycling bins….regarding illegal dumping. The sides of the canal by where the park owns are a mess. Can a letter be sent to Stark Parks?

Jessica Miller asked if the village council would donate flowers or a memorial to Gary Neisel. Jim Miller stated that he has no objection but we have to be diligent to do that moving forward for other past council members.
Mayor Boyd reported the he and some council members met with Steve Tharpe from Stark Wayne Tusc Recycling. The original plan was to ask for a camera, but it is a small recycling center that has little or no illegal dumping or damage, so a sign was recommended instead. There will be a grant open this year for lights.

Jessica Miller – UBC light. Disinfects surfaces and rooms. The one that she recommends would have a shield on it to protect the person who is using it. The system is $1099, and it two are purchased, they are $850 per unit. If we got the machines, the CARES fund money would be used to pay for them.



PARKS AND PUBLIC BUILDING: Eric White reported – windows at town hall. Greg Lancaster quote for big windows: $850 per window (remove, install, wrapping the sills – if in good shape). Three big windows on the front, two small ones. Painting – estimate – $2,540, side entry – $795. New Pavilion (closest to town garage): Metal roof – $4,713 (from Minerva). He is waiting on a quote from Doug Caulkins. Firemans’ eat stand: $6,500 for metal roof. Town Hall sand stone steps: $350 to replace. Eric reported that Mat is working on cleaning up the parks. There will be teams playing fall ball this year, and he asked that they send him their schedules.

SAFETY: Grant Downes read the safety report from July 2020: East Sparta, 213; Magnolia, 237; Magnolia traffic stops 11 ; East Sparta 4. Magnolia traffic arrests 0 ; East Sparta 0. Magnolia felony arrests 1, East Sparta 0. Magnolia calls for service 12 ; East Sparta 10 . Chief Hager is recovering from Gall Bladder surgery. He remotely reported that the hand held radar gun was ordered and they are waiting for it to arrive. The person who was committing burglaries was caught. The department will be parking cruisers to watch traffic. Grant reported that they will be reapplying for the ODOT grant $$ as they did last year because of oil traffic. He is working with the zoning committee to plan an actual meeting. Jay Herstine reported about the current fire department projects with the side walk and parking lot. They need permission from the council to complete these projects since they are on village property. Jim Miller made a motion, seconded by Grant Downes to approve the projects for the fire department. All ayes. Jay asked for an update on the pillars in front of the fire department. They are damaged and need to be replaced. Claudia Rogers stated that the alumni association has not met due to COVID19, so she could not ask anyone.

CEMETERY: Claudia Rogers reported that $1,600 was collected in July.
Tim Costello spoke about cemetery pricing. After a lengthy discussion, Jim Miller made a motion to accept proposal as amended by the cemetery committee effective January 1, 2021, which is:

Burial of cremains – $350 for both residents and non-residents.

Opening and closing fees: $600

Cost of grave space for village residents: $300.
The motion was seconded by Scott Noble. All Ayes

UTILITIES: Scott Noble reported that he spoke with the gas company. They did not know when the work will be done. Two street lights out. He found a utility ground wire that was live. The utility company came out the same day. Jay Herstine reported that there are several low wires in the area.

FINANCE: Jim Miller reported that a 10K loan payment was made on the Fire Department building loan. Final levy money will be issued from the auditor soon.
The deadline to place a levy on the November ballot was missed for the General fund 3 mil levy. It can be put on the May 2021 ballot but we need to be diligent to get it done. Two levies will expire next year: 2 mil and 3.5 mil General fund.
Jim explained the 2021 budget, which was handed out to the council. Jessica Miller made a motion to accept budget as presented. The motion was seconded by Claudia Roger. All Ayes

STREETS AND ALLEYS: Jessica Miller presented a quote from Youngblood paving for Abel Alley and East Park – $ 20,150 for double. Jessica Miller made a motion to accept the bid price a presented, which was seconded by Grant Downes. All Ayes
Jessica will be working on a Municipal Road grant, which is due October 1. The grant will cover catch basins. She would like to meet with the rest of the committee first before she sends it out.
At this point, Jim Miller revisited the pillars out in front of the fire department. Eric White said that he will contact Bob Harris restoration after Jim gets the budget numbers.



Ordinance 2020-09: To adopt the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act for Carroll County. The motion was made by Jim Miller and seconded by Claudia Rogers. All Ayes.
Ordinance 2020-00 is hereby declared to be an emergency measure to promote public safety. The motion was made by Grant Downes to pass the ordinance on an emergency basis, which was seconded by Eric White. All Ayes.

ACTION ON BILLS: Claudia Rogers made a motion to pay bills in the amount of $40,442.27 as presented. The motion was seconded by Scott Noble. All Ayes.

MAYOR’S REPORT: Mayor Boyd reported that the Ordinance for the Stark County Cares act was sent to the reported people. He contacted Robert Hoover at Stark Parks about the Mill Pond. Stark Parks is aware of it and are behind because of COVID. They reported that the water movement and flow is good. They will be down to look at the pond to investigate the smell.
Mike Rogers talked to Kevin Greer about funding into the village. Stark County Community Foundation. Josephine Greer had made a generous donation to the foundation which perhaps could be used. Mayor Boyd will reach out to them.

Claudia Rogers made a motion to adjourn the meeting, which was seconded by Jessica Miller. The meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m.

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