Council Meeting Summary: May 13, 2020


The Regular Meeting of Magnolia Village Council was called to order on May 13 at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom by Mayor Travis Boyd. Members present were Grant Downes, Jessica Miller, Jim Miller, Scott Noble, Claudia Rogers, Eric White and Fiscal Officer Molly Murphy. Also present were Solicitor Kevin L’Hommedieu, Chief Hager, Mat Hawk, Mark Wadsworth (Water), Robert Leach, and other residents. 

VISITOR’S COMMENTS: Mark Wadsworth asked several questions: (1) Have the radar guns had been purchased? Answer: Not at this time, but they are working on the project with East Sparta. (2) Was there a follow up with the speed limit signs going into Magnolia (good distance)? Answer: Yes. Chief Hager and Mat Hawk checked on the distance and went by the code book when the signs were installed. At this point, Mr. Wadsworth expressed concern about non experienced workers being hired in the village, and asked about doing a cost study for the painting at the Town Hall (paint vs. siding and the type of paint utilized). 

MINUTES: Jim Miller made a motion to accept the minutes from April 8 with the following correction – the spelling of alley in the Streets and Alleys section. Jessica Miller seconded the motion. All Ayes. 

FISCAL OFFICER’S REPORT: The Fund Status was read. Claudia Rogers made a motion to accept, which was seconded by Scott Noble. All Ayes 

MAT HAWK’S REPORT: Mat Hawk reported that the Gravely mower needs a new bearing and clutch. The parts are around $300, and Mat can repair it himself. Claudia Rogers made a motion to spend $300 to purchase the parts to repair the mower. The motion was seconded by Grant Downes. All Ayes. 

Mat asked permission to purchase a new boom sprayer because he is using his personal one at the present time. After some discussion, Jim Miller made a motion to purchase a new boom sprayer at a price of up to $70. Jessica Miller seconded the motion. All Ayes. 

Mat further reported that he still needs to order a volleyball net. Many potholes have been patched with 1 ton of asphalt. He worked on the canal behind the water building and cleaned up the village side. He feels that Stark Parks should follow suit and clean up their side to make it look better. 

ADDITIONS TO BUSINESS: Jim Miller talked about the letter from Carroll County Auditor regarding budget cuts for next year due COVID19, and the decrease in taxes collected this year. 

OLD BUSINESS: The zoning letter was sent to the residence on Main Street. The owner has done much clean up on the property, but there is still much to do. 

Mayor Boyd met with Dina Picciano at the playground. Eric White has contacted Stark County for a playground inspection to find out what might be dangerous and needs to be removed. The playground committee will continue to raise funds for future projects. 

NEW BUSINESS: The Memorial Day parade and program has been cancelled for the year due to COVID19 restrictions. Jessica Miller reported that she is working with the American Legion and a local videographer to create a video for Memorial Day, which will include the traditional things that are done at the programs at the cemeteries. Members of the council thanked Jessica for her hard work and diligence with the video. It will be put on the Village website and Facebook page. East Sparta and Waynesburg will put the video on their pages also. 


PARKS AND PUBLIC BUILDING: Eric White reported that he is waiting on estimates for the Town Hall painting. He will contact Rhino Shield for an estimate also. He does not plan to adjust the appearance of the building. Jim Miller asked about the possible replacement of the windows. Eric stated that they will be very expensive to replace and that they might have to get a grant to do so. They could be painted and repaired if the replacement is a few years out. 

Eric asked about the pillars at the fire station, which were donated by past Magnolia School classes. They are in need of repair and he doesn’t know who to contact. Claudia Rogers suggested that the Sandy Valley Alumni Association be contacted and she offered to do so. 

A discussion followed regarding the opening of the parks. Grant Downes stated that there has not been any guidance yet from Gov. DeWine on this subject. 

SAFETY: No safety report was read, but Chief Hager stated that it was a slow month. He recommended that everyone lock their garage doors due to the recent break ins of two garages. 

CEMETERY: Claudia Rogers reported that $500.00 was received this month. She also reported that the flags and wreaths will be placed at the cemetery for Memorial Day. 

UTILITIES: Scott Noble reported that two street lights were out. They were reported and repaired. He asked about the gas line repairs. Jim Miller said that this is an ongoing project of gas line replacement. 

FINANCE: Jim Miller reported that the OOMA phone has been installed at the police department. This will result in a 60% reduction in cost. 

Molly Murphy has been working on the UAN system and has the Fund and Revenue accounts entered. She hopes to have the accounting system ready in June. 

STREETS AND ALLEYS: Jessica Miller reported that she received a price from Tim Mahony for chip and seal for 4 alleys, which is $30,000. The pot holes will have to be fixed before the chip and seal is done, so she contacted Troy Hysong, who gave a price of $3,000. The council decided to go ahead with the filling of the pot holes, but not the chip and seal yet. 

Jim Miller made a motion to spend up to $4,000 for pot hole repair in the alleys, which was seconded by Claudia Rogers. All Ayes. 

Grant Downes reported that the alley sidewalk project (Lidderdale) is still ongoing. The residents involved are still getting quotes on concrete. 


CONSIDERATION OF ORDINANCES: Ordinance 2020-06 – Promotion of Zachary VanVoorhis. Chief Hager recommended a promotion of Zachery VanVoorhis from Patrol 2nd Class to Patrol 1st Class. This would come with a raise from $10.50 per hour to $11.25 per hour. Grant Downes made a motion to accept the recommendation to promote VanVoorhis, which was seconded by Jim Miller. All Ayes. Congratulations to Patrolman VanVoorhis! 

ACTION ON BILLS: Claudia Rogers made a motion to pay bills in the amount of $27,476.81 as presented. The motion was seconded by Jessica Miller. All Ayes. 

Mayor Boyd suggested that the Finance Committee look at consolidating and reducing the amount of bills that are generated. 

MAYOR’S REPORT: Mayor Boyd reported that the streets were swept last week and the fire hydrants will be flushed on Monday, May 18. 

He received a question from resident Joe Marcoaldi regarding an unused alley behind Joe’s house. He would like to put a fire pit in that area and wanted to know if the alley is abandoned, and if not, what steps would he have to take to do that? After much discussion, Solicitor Kevin L’Hommedieu suggested that he and Mayor Boyd will talk about the situation after some more research is done. 

There is a property on Elson Street that has many vehicles stored all over the property. The vehicles all have current license plates. Jessica Miller stated that there were cars parked on both sides of the street by that house and wondered if this was legal. Chief Hager said that parking is only allowed on one side of the street. 

Mayor Boyd contacted Arbor Technologies regarding email accounts. Their cost is $6 per email account with an additional fee to set this up. G-Suite is about the same cost. He will continue to check on pricing with other companies. 


Jim Miller made a motion to adjourn the meeting, which was seconded by Claudia Rogers. The meeting adjourned at 9:04 p.m. 

__________________________ __________________________ Travis Boyd, Mayor Molly B. Murphy 

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