Council Meeting Summary: June 10th, 2020



The Regular Meeting of Magnolia Village Council was called to order on June 10 at 7:00 p.m. at the Magnolia Fire Department by Mayor Travis Boyd. Members present were Grant Downes, Jessica Miller, Jim Miller, Scott Noble, Claudia Rogers, Eric White and Fiscal Officer Molly Murphy. Also present were Solicitor Kevin L’Hommedieu, Chief Hager, Mat Hawk, Mark Wadsworth (Water), Robert Leach, and other residents.

VISITOR’S COMMENTS: Jay Herstine (Water Board) reported that Mark Wadsworth has resigned from the Water Board. He did not read Mark’s letter because he did not have it. He reported that (1) the water tank needs to have an ultra sound done on it to determine if there are weak spots; (2) the meter reading system will be updated and replaced, which will also help the billing system; (3) there is a possibility of obtaining a grant to offset the costs, but the rates might need to be raised in order to be in the running for the grant. Resident Dan Joseph proposed edging the curbs along the roads in the village. He will do the work himself and will donate the cost of a Stihl edger, which is $350.00. After a discussion, it was determined that the edger will be purchased through the Magnolia FD so that it can be purchased at a lower cost.
Tim Costello (Cemetery) reported that the cemetery was recently surveyed. There is an empty area that goes up to Jim Smith’s property. Jim and his family have used that driveway for years, especially during the winter months, because it is much safer than driving down his main drive. The surveyors found the original deed for the roadway, which stated that it was appropriated for the use of public street and highway use. The council could re- appropriate the land for cemetery use, which could add up to 200 grave spaces. After much discussion, the council suggested that the cemetery committee meet and come back to the council with a recommendation on what to do with the land.

MINUTES: Jessica Miller made a motion to accept the minutes from April 8 with corrections. Claudia Rogers seconded the motion. All Ayes.

FISCAL OFFICER’S REPORT: The Fund Status was read. Jim Miller made a motion to accept, which was seconded by Eric White. All Ayes

MAT HAWK’S REPORT: Mat Hawk reported that (1) the sprayer arrived and he put it together, so that he can spray in the next couple of days; (2) the Army Corp of Engineers is surveying the canal to see about sediment, and they might dredge it if needed; (3) Stark Parks has been called about the lack of weed eating by the mill pond; (4) Stark Water Sewer District will be down to check the catch basins; (4) Plans are in place to paint the curbs on the village square and to paint the village garage; (5) A resident requested to place more gravel on a cemetery access road. After some discussion, it was decided to leave the access road as is; (6) The Trushel building has leaks in it. Eric White will check into it. Mayor Boyd thanked Mat for the great job he did cleaning up the village after that recent storm that brought down many trees and large branches.


OLD BUSINESS: Chief Hager reported that he will can bid through the state for the radar gun for about half the price (total $1,463). East Sparta will pay half. Jim Miller made a motion to purchase the radar gun at the above price with East Sparta to pay half of the amount. Claudia Rogers seconded the motion. All Ayes.

NEW BUSINESS: Jerry Schilling has resigned as the liaison for Quad Ambulance, due to health-related issues. He has been the liaison since 2008. He recommended Steve Loomis, who agreed to serve as of July 1, 2020. Grant Downes made a motion to accept the resignation of Jerry Schilling and to appoint Steve Loomis as liaison for Quad Ambulance, as of July 1, 2020. Scott Noble seconded the motion. All Ayes.
A resident complained about the parking at the intersection of Plum and Carrollton. Cars are being parked too close to the stop sign. Chief Hager said he could take care of the issue.
The police Dodge had front end damage and the cost to repair will be $1,200.00. Chief Hager recommended that the repairs be done, and he will begin to look for another demo car. Jim Miller made a motion to repair the vehicle at a cost of up to $1,400.00, which was seconded by Scott Noble. All Ayes. Molly Murphy will contact the insurance company regarding the damage.


PARKS AND PUBLIC BUILDING: Eric White reported that the state has recently allowed parks to be open with proper signage regarding social distancing. Jessica Miller offered to print the signs.
Eric has contacted several contractors regarding the Village Hall repairs, but many do not return calls or show up for quotes. He will continue to contact them.
The playground inspection was recently completed on May 20, 2020, and the report was shared with the council (attached)

SAFETY: Grant Downes read the safety report from May 2020: East Sparta, 242.5; Magnolia, 263.5; Total 506. Magnolia traffic stops – 2; East Sparta – 0. Magnolia traffic arrests – 0; East Sparta – 0. Magnolia calls for service – 13; East Sparta – 13. There were 3 agency assists.

CEMETERY: No report as Claudia Rogers was excused from the meeting due to the oncoming storm.

UTILITIES: Scott Noble reported that no street lights have been out. He attempted to contact the gas company regarding the markings on the roads, but no one has returned his calls.

FINANCE: Jim Miller made a motion for the Consent Legislation (See Ordinances below). Jay Herstine asked about the status of the Fire Loan. Payments have been made to both the state loan and the loan at the Bank of Magnolia, but neither Jim no Molly had the balance information with them at the meeting.

STREETS AND ALLEYS: Jessica Miller reported that the $30,000 quote that she received from Tim Mahony for chip and seal for alleys was for a double coat of chip and seal. She contacted Milhoan paving regarding the rubber crack filler for the asphalt roads. They stated that the best way would be to buy a box of filler and store it in the village, and then hire them to fill the cracks at a cost of $85/hour. The cost of the filler would be $2,160. The alley sidewalk project (Lidderdale) is still ongoing. The residents involved are still getting quotes on concrete.


Ordinance 2020-07: Consent Legislation for micro surfacing of SR-183 from east of North Cline Street to the North Corporation Limit in the Village of Magnolia. The motion was made by Jim Miller and seconded by Jessica Miller. 5 – Aye votes; 1 vote absent.
Ordinance 2020-07 is hereby declared to be an emergency measure to expedite the highway project and to promote highway safety. The motion was made by Jim Miller to pass the ordinance on an emergency basis, which was seconded by Jessica Miller. 5-Aye votes. 1 vote absent.
Ordinance 2020-08: To adopt the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. The motion was made by Jim Miller and seconded by Jessica Miller. 5 – Aye votes; 1 vote absent.
Ordinance 2020-08 is hereby declared to be an emergency measure to promote public safety. The motion was made by Jim Miller to pass the ordinance on an emergency basis, which was seconded by Jessica Miller. 5-Aye votes. 1 vote absent.

ACTION ON BILLS: Eric White made a motion to pay bills in the amount of $44,385.08 as presented. The motion was seconded by Scott Noble. All Ayes.

MAYOR’S REPORT: Mayor Boyd thanked the Magnolia Fire Department for allowing the council to meet in their facilities so that social distancing could be done. He thanked Grant Downes and Scott Noble for hosting the past two council meetings on Zoom. He wonders if this type of meeting could be incorporated somehow moving forward, since more people were able to attend.
He thanked Sandy Valley Legion Post and Jessica Miller for their work on the Memorial Day video.
The Magnolia T-shirt project went well and they are entirely sold out of shirts. Thank you to Kevin Greer who made a donation to the project.

Eric White made a motion to adjourn the meeting, which was seconded by Scott Noble. The meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m.

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