Council Meeting Summary: July 10, 2019


The Regular Meeting of Magnolia Village Council was called to order on July 10, 2019 at 7:00 PM at The Magnolia Village Hall by Mayor Robert Leach. Members present were Grant Downes, Jim Miller, Claudia Rogers, Jessica Miller and Eric White. Also present were Police Chief Jeff Hager, Mat Hawk, and Solicitor Kevin L’Hommedieu.

Visitor’s Comments- No visitors were in attendance

Minutes- Eric White motioned and Claudia Rogers seconded to accept the corrected minutes from
Regular council meeting on 6/12/19. All Ayes. Jessica Miller motioned and Jim Miller seconded to
accept the minutes from Special Council Meeting on 7/2/2019. All Ayes

Fiscal Officer’s Report- Fund status was read. Motion to accept by Jessica Miller and seconded by Jim Miller. All Ayes

Mat Hawk’s Report- Mat has been keeping up with the mowing and spraying. He had to replace 2
batteries in the truck.

Old Business- Jessica Miller said that the property on North Carrollton St. was taken care of. Eric White reported that the upstairs windows have been replaced. He is waiting on a quote to repair the cracked windows.

New Business-Mayor Leach reminded council that Canal Days will be from August 9-11. New Fiscal Officer Joe Marcoaldi was welcomed.

Committee Reports:
Streets and Alleys- Catch basins will be completed by the fire department next week weather
permitting. Troy Hysong is finalizing street paving. Tree on Lynwood has been cleaned up. Dan Joseph has painted white stop lines on Elson, Canal and Cline streets. Grant Downes left a message for Mike Tozzi about the drainage issue he reported. He is waiting for a return call. A complaint was received about being able to park on Carrollton street. Hole on South Main street has not been patched by Columbia Gas. The Army Corp of Engineers will be contacted to fix Levy Place.

Parks and Buildings-Fabric and stone has been placed by Mat at the playground. One more load of stone should complete the project.

Safety- Safety statistics were provided by Chief Hager and were reported by Mayor Leach. Paid Officers had a total of 488 hours. East Sparta had 252 and Magnolia had 236. Additional East Sparta hours were due to Homecoming Festival. Auxiliary total hours were 33.5. East Sparta had 17.5 and Magnolia had 16. Grant Hours totaled 15. They were used for an OVI in Massillon yielding 27 traffic stops and 9 citations. Car 2 was used for 1185 miles and has 51,778 miles. Car 3 was used for 1,135 miles and has 22,885 miles. Car 4 was used for 539 miles and has a total of 106,772 miles. There were 21 traffic stops. East Sparta had 12 while Magnolia had 9. East Sparta had 2 traffic arrests. East had 1 felony and 1 misdemeanor arrests. There were 28 total calls for service. East Sparta had 18 and Magnolia had 10. Magnolia had 3 Agency Assists. Officer Curtis Gutscher needs promoted from Auxiliary to 2nd class patrolman effective 07/14/2019. Miller motion and Rogers seconded. All Ayes.

Cemetery-Claudia Rogers reported that Caleb has been keeping up with the mowing. Tim Costello collected $175.00 for the month.

Utilities- Jessica Miller called to have 5 street lights replaced.

Finance- Jim Miller reported that the Fire Dept. levy was nearing its end. Transfer to UAN should be done by the end of 2019. Grant Downes will check about training and time table for transition.
Solicitor’s -Kevin L’Hommedieu reported that the proceeds from the auction of 1998 Ford Pickup need to be sent the Auditor’s office. We are allowed to deduct the fees for towing and advertising.
Consideration of Ordinances- Appropriation Ordinance to transfer funds. Motion by Jim Miller and
seconded by Claudia Rogers. All Ayes

Action on Bills- Motion by Claudia Rogers and seconded by Grant Downes to pay the bills presented by the Fiscal Officer. All Ayes

Mayor’s report- Gas aggregation contract with Trebel Inc. was discussed. 24 month contract at a rate of 0.389. Walking trail has been designated for State Route 183 by ODOT.

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