Council Minutes: October 10, 2018


The Regular Meeting of Magnolia Village Council was called to order on October 10, 2018 at 7:00 PM by Mayor Robert Leach. Members present were Jim Miller, Claudia Rogers, Jessica Miller, Jim Hunter, Grant Downes, and Eric White. Also present were Jeff Hager, Lorrie Clevenger, Kathy Sickafoose and Matt Hawk.

Jay Herstine, President of the Board of Public Affairs was present and informed council that the fire department was almost out of the building and asked that we switch Columbia Gas from Fire Department to Village Hall.

Donnie Nicholson also present and advised he still has stuff in the old fire department building and will work on cleaning it out. Donnie Nicholson spoke on Fire Prevention week and its importance in the community.

Connie Johnson, new resident to the village, introduced herself and said she was looking forward to getting involved in the community.

Joel Bender, from Whitaker-Myer insurance spoke in regards to liability insurance and premium costs. Acknowledged Village 11 years with the company. Spoke on the importance of having Cyber Security training or protocol in place to secure safety for village content and internet use. We will continue coverage with their company at this time. Lorrie to call for breakdown of premium. Paperwork for bonding Kathy was signed and submitted.

Minutes – White moved and Hunter seconded to approve the minutes of the September, 12, 2018 meeting. All ayes.

Clerk-Treasurer’s Report – Rogers moved and Jim Miller seconded to approve the Clerk Treasurer’s Report. All ayes.

Mat Hawk’s Report- Bed of dump truck has a hole in it. Approved to repair and to reach out to Tom Trussel in regards. Issues with the Gator and requested purchase of new battery. Mayor Bob Leach approved. Issue with hedge trimmers discussed in which Mat advised parts are not available. Would like to purchase new? Mower does not have any suspension; springs were tried and Mat will look into air bladder. Streets not being paved will get asphalt repair. Loose boards at pavilion at the park and bingo stand will be replaced.

Old Business
McNutt property given 60-day notice regarding mowing and currently nothing has been done. Kevin to look at file again.

New Business
Leaf pick up will be Mon and Wed and leaves are to be set at the curb.

Salt left over from last year is approximately 2 semi loads remaining. Mat to reach out to Sandy TWP as needed.
Trick or Treat will be Oct 31 from 6-7 with bonfire to follow at the park presented by the Lion’s Club.
Jeff Hager advised; 40 traffic citations issued, 23 from magnolia, 7 arrests, 1 OVI in E. Sparta and 3 misdemeanors.

Committee Reports
Cemetery-Chairperson Rogers reported Caleb is keeping up with the mowing. No other issues or concerns.
Utilities– All 5 street lights/poles are fixed.
Finance– Chairperson Jim Miller advised we will need to borrow $20,000-$25,000 to start paving. Health Ins going up 18.7% in premium. Jim is going to call Mike Sessor for options on dental.

Streets and Alleys– Chairperson Grant Downes advised paving is set to begin end of October or sooner for N. Lynwood, S. Lynwood and N. Elson. Suggested flyers on the doors advising those on streets affected. Patching will also take place on additional streets not being resurfaced. Noted Elson street has bad spots and will need filled. ODOT training has great online info if anyone interested.
Parks and Public Bldgs.– Dugouts are done. Stumps are done and all cleared up. Dumpsters will be in the same spot as last year on Nov 3 from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. Bonnie will be putting this on the board by Taggarts. No paint, appliances or tires will be accepted. Grant will put this on Facebook. Mat will be contact for any issues or concerns.

Solicitor’s Report – NONE

Consideration of Ordinances
Jessica Miller moved and Roger’s seconded in hiring of Kathy Sickafoose.
ORD # 10-18-16
Jim Miller moved and Eric White seconded in transfer of funds. ORD # 10-18-17

Action on Bills
Rogers moved and White seconded to pay the bills as presented by the clerk. All ayes.

Mayor’s Report
Mayor Leach advised flushing of hydrants will be on October 15, 2018.
Thank you to the Fire Department and acknowledged what a great dedication ceremony.
All present invited to celebrate the years of service Lorrie Cleveger has served. Lorrie will continue to serve on the Water Board as Clerk.

Meeting adjourned at 8:32 P.M.

___________________________ __________________________

Robert Leach, Mayor                            Kathy Sickafoose, Fiscal Officer

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