Council Meeting Summary: November 14, 2018

Magnolia Village Council
Regular Meeting November 14, 2018

The regular meeting of Magnolia Village Council was called to order November
14, at 7:00 PM at the Magnolia Village Hall by Mayor Leach. All council
members were present

Visitor: Major D. L. Anderson of the Stark County Sheriff’s office informed
council of the Stark/MARCS public safety communications system. This radio
system will allow first responders to communicate with one another throughout
the county and the state of Ohio. The system would allow our police to
communicate with our own officers and with Stark County deputies. With the
12 towers in Stark County there will be 99.9% coverage in the county. The
MARCS system will also give us the same coverage with Carroll County. The
system will be up and running on January 1, 2019. Council authorized Chief
Hager to make arrangements to join the Stark/MARCS system.

Richard Bartlett a resident of Elson Street thanked council for the paving work
which was done recently.

Minutes: The minutes of the regular meeting of October 10th were approved.

Fiscal Officer’s Report:
Mayor Leach read the report showing cash balance of $ 382,915.54 in
all funds. Bills totaling $10,431.61 were approved to be paid.

Village Worker Report:
Matt Hawk reported that the bed on the dump truck has been repaired.
The transmission issues with the Gator along with furnace problems at
the village garage have been resolved. A catch basin on Levee Circle
has also been repaired.

Old Business:
The structure on South Elson has been secured and trees and other
vegetation around the building have been removed.
Leaf pick-up will continue on Monday’s and Wednesdays into December
because of the late fall.

New Business:
The Holiday Parade will be in Waynesburg on November 23 at 6:00 p.m.
Council authorized the Mayor and clerk to borrow up to $60,000 to pay
costs incurred with the recent paving, the new radio system and
construction of a wall in the old fire station which will become the police
office and garage.

Committee Reports
Utilities: Councilperson Jessica Miller two non-working street lights
on Plum Street have been reported to First Energy.
Finance: Council approved borrowing up to $60,000 from the Bank
of Magnolia Co.
Streets and Alleys: Councilman Downes reported that holiday
decorations will be put up the first week of December.
Parks and Public Buildings: Councilman White stated that the Clean
up day went well. Four dumpsters were filled. He thanked Sandy
Valley Sanitation for providing the dumpsters.
Safety: Councilman Hunter gave the report noting that 113.5 hours
were spent in East Sparta and 344.5 hours in Magnolia. There were
43 traffic stops, seven traffic arrests no OVI arrests and two
misdemeanor arrests in both villages. Hunter also recommended
that officer Ron Gilbert be moved from Auxiliary to paid status.
Cemetery: Councilperson Rogers stated that mowing for the season
has been completed. The cemetery received $500 for the month of

Mayor’s Report:
Mayor Leach read a thank you note from former Clerk-Treasurer Lorrie

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