Council Minutes: May 8th, 2018




The Regular Meeting of Magnolia Village Council was called to order on May 8th, 2018 at 7:00 P.M. at the Magnolia Village Hall by Mayor Robert Leach.  Members present were Jim Hunter, Jim Miller, Grant Downes, Claudia Rogers and Eric White.  Jessica Miller and Solicitor Kevin L’Hommedieu were absent. Police Chief Jeff Hager was present.

Visitors – Jennifer Grigsby, representing Cub Scout Pack 157 asked council’s permission to have the scouts plant and maintain flowers at the village hall.  The project is in appreciation for allowing the cub scout pack to use the upstairs room at the village hall. Council gladly agreed to have them plant the flowers.

Minutes – Rogers moved, and Miller seconded to approve the minutes of the Regular Meeting of April 11th, 2018 and the Public Hearing of May 2nd, 2018.  All ayes.

Clerk-Treasurer’s Report – Hunter moved and Rogers seconded to approve the Clerk-Treasurer’s Report.   All ayes.

Old Business


  • Blue Star Memorial – The Blue Star Memorial dedication date will be August 9th, 2018 at 6:00 P.M. at the new Fire Department.
  • Fire Station Lease – White presented the Lease Agreement signed by the Fire Dept.  White reported that the concrete is done, painting has been finished, flooring must be done along with some plumbing, and building is not finished inside.  The bays will be done, offices will be completed when they receive more funding. They have the landscaping and grading to be done yet. Tentative opening date is possibly the 3rd week of June.  
  • Request for Zone Change for Grange Hall Property – Hunter moved, and Rogers seconded to deny the request to change the zoning from Single Family Residential to Industrial for the Grange Hall Building.  All ayes. Request denied. The village has home rule, our own zoning. Miller sympathized with the owner; neighbors were against the possibility of loud music.  Bob says it is spot zoned; he discussed it with Regional Planning.
  • Clerk-Treasurer Position – The job description is posted on the village web site.  There have been many posts, but no applications yet.


Clerk reported that the auditors will be done the middle of June, report must be to Columbus by June 30th.

  • Cemetery Clerk – White reported that Tim Costello inquired about the Cemetery Clerk’s position.  He will complete a job application.

New Business


  • HSA Employer Contributions – Miller moved and Downes seconded to continue depositing $750.00 this year to the employees Health Savings Accounts.  All ayes. We will reduce the amount next year. $350.00 in May and $350.00 in Sept. 2018.


Village Worker:

  • Mat Hawk reported that water is running onto the street from a house at 149 Plum St., Hager will talk to the resident.  We are having issues with the village truck and it will need new tires soon, possibly get 2 quotes on the tires. There is a wiring issue, Mat will try to repair it.  Mat discussed parking issues in the park.


  • People are parking in the grass right across from the water building and are creating sizable ruts in the grass.  Council suggested blocking the soft spots off with cement barriers from the school property. Window at village hall needs new glass installed, wood is dry rotted, Mat fixed it temporarily.  White suggested that Mat mow the grass twice or use a sweeper if we have one. The ditch at the Grange Hall is the village’s responsibility, weed eat it. Discussed Allen’s note regarding the stop signs; we need 20 red reflectors for signs and discussed the stop signs at the alleys.


Committee Reports


  • Parks & Public Buildings:
    • Chairman White reported that Allen Fornash gave him a detailed list of signs to be done and things he had discussed with Mat.  White reported that there are 3 trees in the park near the water building that need to be trimmed, dead branches need to be removed, he will obtain quotes.  White will also take care of the window at the village hall. Miller will purchase a sink and faucet for the village hall restroom. White has been in contact with members of the Sandy Valley Baseball Assoc. about getting their buildings repaired.  Buildings and dugouts need new roofs. Miller asked White to find out what the issue is, are they willing to paint the buildings? Rogers reported on the restroom renovations, has been trying to get Tim Tolin to get the partitions completed in the women’s restroom.  Restrooms must be completed by July for Music in The Park. White reported the swings at the Fire Station grounds need to be repaired, chains need repaired. Discussed whether to purchase pea gravel.
  • Safety:
    • Chairman Hunter moved and Downes seconded to hire Zachery VanVoorhis as an Auxiliary Officer.  All ayes. Ord. #5-18-7. Hunter reported that East Sparta had 156 hrs. = $4,200.00.
  • Cemetery:
    • Chairperson Rogers reported that 0 was received for the month of April.  Mat Hawk will be getting bark mulch for flower beds at the cemetery and mausoleum.  
  • Utilities:
    • Chairperson Jessica Miller was absent-no report.
  • Finance:
    • Chairman Miller reported that the village made a $10,000.00 principal payment plus interest on the Fire Department Bldg. Loan on 4/30/18.  The amount of this audit is to be around $10,204.00, in 2 yrs. $10,540.00 and in 4 yrs. $10,880.00 for a total cost of $31,624.00.
  • Streets & Alleys:
    • Chairman Downes reported that we need to be looking into paving a couple of streets this summer; Lynwood St. and the north side of Elson St.  Miller mentioned that street expenses are up due to hiring full time workers. Talk to Troy Hysong or Bo to work up specs for a bid to be done.  Dan Joseph questioned whether Cline should be listed as Cline Street or Cline Avenue. Downes mentioned that we are having several problems with the village truck.  We should start thinking about purchasing a new truck in the future.


Solicitor’s Report – No report -absent.

Consideration of Ordinances

  • Hunter moved, and Rogers seconded to approve Ord. #5-18-6 Appropriation Ord. to Transfer Funds.  All ayes.

Miller moved and Downes seconded to suspend the rules and pass on its first reading.  All ayes.

Action on Bills

  • Rogers moved and White seconded to pay the bills as presented by the clerk.  All ayes.

Excuse Jessica Miller

  • Rogers moved and White seconded to excuse Jessica Miller from tonight’s meeting due to illness.  All ayes.

Mayor’s Report


  • Mayor Leach had received an email regarding the Request for Zoning Change.  Dr. Maioriello would like a letter stating who is authorized to make the zoning decision.  Mayor Leach will write the letter.


Eric White mentioned that he will be on vacation for the June Meeting.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 8:35 P.M.
_______________________________                                     _____________________________

ROBERT LEACH, MAYOR                                            Lorrie Clevenger, Clerk


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