Council Minutes: June 13, 2018




The Regular Meeting of Magnolia Village Council was called to order on June 13th, 2018 at 7:00 P.M. at the Magnolia Village Hall by Mayor Robert Leach.  Members present were Jim Hunter, Jim Miller, Grant Downes, Claudia Rogers and Jessica Miller.  Also present were Police Chief Jeff Hager and Solicitor Kevin L’Hommedieu. Eric White was absent due to vacation.

Visitors – Kaitlyn Matthews of the Carroll Cty. Health Dept. attended the council meeting and reported on tobacco use and the health department’s emphasis on prevention of tobacco use among young people.  They are trying to combat smoke products that are available to children and getting youth involved. They’ve been checking stores that are selling tobacco products to our youth. The health department advocates tobacco free outdoor spaces such as parks, ball fields and festivals.  She will make available to council sample legislation for this purpose. She will help in securing no-smoking sins for outdoor use.

Minutes – Rogers moved and Hunter seconded to approve the minutes of the May 8th, 2018 regular meeting.  All ayes.

Excuse White – Miller moved and Rogers seconded to excuse Eric White from tonight’s meeting due to being on vacation with his family.  All ayes.

Clerk-Treasurer’s Report – Downes moved and Miller seconded to approve the Clerk-Treasurer’s Report.  All ayes.

Old Business

  • Blue Star Memorial – Council was reminded that the dedication of the Blue Star Memorial will be August 9th, 2018 at 6:00 P.M. at the new fire station
  • ClerkTreasurer’s Position – Due to no response for the clerk-treasurer’s position from village residents, council voted to change the position to Fiscal Officer.  The person filling the position will not be required to be a village resident. Interested persons can get more information from the village website.
  • Cemetery Clerk – Rogers moved and Hunter seconded to appoint Timothy Costello to the position of Cemetery Clerk at the monthly salary of $83.33, or $1,000.00 a year.  All ayes.
  • Fire Department Building & Dedication – The construction is nearly completed.  Nicholson reported that the dedication will be sometime in September.  Some small items not used for fire runs have been moved to the new station.  The flagpole was put up today. They are waiting on their free flooring and countertops.  The bathrooms are done except for the countertops. Clerk was contacted by Joel Bender regarding the insurance situation.  The Builder’s Risk Policy is in effect until September 11th, 2018.  They are 90% finished with things and will be completed when they receive more funding.

Village Worker Report:

  • Mat Hawk reported that there has been a problem with people parking in the grass at the bandstand and at the new water plant building, which prohibits him from mowing the grass.  Mat will order No Parking On Grass signs. Next year he might put some old electrical poles down in that area so that people can not park there. Mat has a portable welder, but it requires a 220 outlet in the garage, he’ll install a new outlet.  Swings at the playground near the new fire station all need new chains. He will replace the chains when he has time.
  • Discussed the letters that Mat has been handing out to residents reminding them to keep from blowing grass clippings into the street.  Mat discussed the stumps that were removed at the new fire station with White this date not knowing he was on vacation. Mat reported that catch basins on Harrison and Main Street need repaired.  Caleb cleaned up around the Trushel Bldg. over the weekend. Street Dept. needs a patrolman on duty to direct traffic when they are patching Morges Road. Mat suggested comp time instead of paying him overtime.  Council needs to check into it, clerk will contact the auditor. There is an issue at 143 Plum St. with water from a sump pump being pumped out into the street. Will see who owns the house and Hager will contact them.

Committee Reports


  • Safety Chairman Hunter reported that East Sparta had 148.5 hrs. = $4,012.50.  There were 10 OVI Grant hours and 4 agency assists.
  • Cemetery Chairperson Rogers reported the cemetery received $1,200.00 from grave services and sale of lots. Cemetery looked very good on Memorial Day.
  • Utilities Chairperson Jessica Miller reported she called AEP on 5/23 to place 2 work orders for street lights that were out and covered by trees.


  • Finance Chairman Miller reported the village made the last payment to the Fire Dept. for the new fire station in the amount of $14,250.00.  The Lion’s Club is publishing a new directory a full page ad is $225.00. The State Audit is almost completed. Miller said that he and Lorrie will be working on the 2019 budget which is due August 20th, 2018. We must have the end of July figures and we have not received the budget forms from Stark Cty. Auditor yet.
  • Streets & Alleys Chairman Downes reported that catch basins on Harrison and 2 on S. Main St. near Plain St. need to be rebuilt.  Dale Fornash said that one is connected to an outlet. Downes contacted Joe Little which is busy at this time. Mat has a backhoe, but he does not have insurance on it.  Bob said we can use State Highway funds for catch basins on Harrison St. We need to get specs from Bo for paving streets and get the bid published. Mat will be doing pot holes sometime next week.  If we need extra help get Caleb. Truck repairs – Roger Ruegg told Miller that some things he did to the truck were safety issues, they needed to be done. Need to purchase tires for the truck before winter and the truck still has issues that need to be addressed.
  • Parks & Public Bulidings Chairman White was absent.  Village Hall sink has not been installed yet.  Part of a building at the baseball field was painted.  

Solicitor’s Report


  • L’Hommedieu received a letter from the auditor’s questioning whether the village had any pending litigation.  No, we do not.


Mayor’s Report

  • Miller moved and Hunter seconded to approve the Credit Card Policy for village employees as suggested by the auditor’s.  All ayes.

Action on Bills

  • Downes moved and Rogers seconded to pay the bills as presented by the clerk.  All ayes.


Meeting adjourned at 9:10 P.M.

_______________________________ ________________________

ROBERT LEACH, MAYOR     Lorrie Clevenger, Clerk


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