Council Minutes: April 11th, 2018


Magnolia Village Council

Regular Meeting April 11th, 2018

The regular meeting of Magnolia Village Council was called to order on April 11th, 2018 at 7:00 PM at the Magnolia Village Hall by Mayor Leach. Members present were:  Jim Hunter, Jim Miller, Grant Downes, Jessica Miller, and Eric White. Absent was Council Person Claudia Rogers and Clerk Lorrie Clevenger. Also present were Solicitor Kevin L’Hommedieu and, Chief Jeff Hagar.

Visitors:  Sally Patterson McCall, Dina Tozzi, Clay Loomis and Jay Herstine.

Visitor Sally Patterson McCall presented a $4000 check for the new fire station and a $2000 check to purchase and install a flag pole at the fire station.  The checks were from the Presbyterian Church in Waynesburg and were accepted by Councilman Eric White on behalf of the Volunteer Firemen.

 Ms. Patterson McCall on behalf of the Mohawk Trail Garden Club Informed Council of their Blue Star Memorial project.  The Blue Star dates to World War II when homes of servicemen displayed a Blue Star in their windows. The Blue Star Memorial program kept the tradition by placing memorial plaques along highways in the United States.  The markers pay tribute to all service persons past, present and future.

 The Mohawk Valley Garden Club is responsible for placing markers in Minerva, Malvern and Waynesburg.  Through donations of Magnolia businesses, a marker will be placed at the new fire station on Harrison Street.

 A dedication is planned for the summer after the flag pole and the marker are installed.  A flag that flew over the United States Capitol Building will be presented at that time.

Minutes:  Jim Miller moved, and Hunter seconded to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of March 7th and the two work sessions of March 15th and 29th.  Upon a roll call vote the motion passed unanimously.  

Clerk-Treasurer’s Report

  • Mayor Leach read the report showing cash balance of $ 356,224.98.   Hunter moved and White seconded to approve the Clerk-Treasurer’s Report.  Upon a roll call vote the motion passed unanimously.

Old Business

  • Fire Department building:  The Lease document was reviewed with a few editorial changes suggested.  It will be presented to the firemen for their approval at their next business meeting.
  • Resignation of Clerk-Treasurer:  Jim Miller moved, and Jessica Miller seconded to accept the resignation of Clerk Treasurer Lorrie Clevenger due to health concerns with regret.  Upon a roll call vote the motion passed unanimously. The resignation will be effective at the conclusion of the State audit of Village funds. The mayor at that time will then appoint a Clerk Treasurer who must live within the corporate limits of the Village of Magnolia.

White moved, and Hunter seconded to separate the positions of Clerk Treasurer and Clerk of the Board of Public Affairs.  Upon a roll call vote the motion passed unanimously.

  • Cemetery Clerk:  Jessica Miller informed Council that Sarah Downes cannot fill the position of Cemetery Clerk.  Councilperson Jessica Miller will fill in until a person is found to fill the position.

New Business:  

  • Excuse Councilperson Rogers:  Jim Miller moved and Downes seconded to excuse Councilperson Rogers who was on vacation.  Upon a roll call vote the motion passed unanimously.
  • Request for Zoning Change:  Council received a request from Richard and Susan Maioriello to change the zoning of property commonly known as the Grange Hall from R1 single family residential to I1 Industrial.

Dina Tozzi representing the Maioriellos stated that a potential buyer of the property wanted to start a winery.  They would produce and bottle wine and have tastings.

Surrounding property owners and interested parties will be notified of a public hearing on the matter will be held on Wednesday May 2 at 7:00.

Village Worker:  

Newly hired village worker Matt Hawk reported that he is becoming familiar with the job with help from Dale Fornash.  He will attend a two-day safety seminar in May.

Committee Reports

  • Streets and Alleys:  
    • Downes reported that the village truck will need new tires soon.  Potholes have been patched with cold patch and alleys have been addressed.  Fifteen old power poles have been removed by AEP.
  • Parks and Public Buildings:  
    • White reported April 28 has been designated as Clean Up Day in Magnolia.  A dumpster will be at the site of the new fire station. Residents are cautioned that no garbage or tires will be accepted.  White also said that the Baseball Association will have the equipment buildings repaired. They had an individual in mind to complete the repairs who was unacceptable to council.  Slides in the downtown park need repaired. Discussion was held as to whether to replace the mulch at the playground with pea gravel.
  • Safety
    • Hunter gave the report noting the hours worked and mileage on the vehicles.
  • Cemetery
    • The cemetery received $1050 for sale of lots and grave services for the month of March.
  • Utilities
    • Jessica Miller reported that list of street lights that were out or dim and a support cable that was out of the ground were reported to AEP.  
  • Finance
    • Jim Miller reported that the State Audit will soon be underway.


  • Downes moved, and Jessica Miller seconded to pay the bills totaling $27,813.35.  Upon a roll call vote the motion passed unanimously.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

The minutes of this meeting were taken by Mayor Robert Leach due to the absence of Village Clerk, Lorrie Clevenger who was ill.


__________________________                                                 _______________________

ROBERT LEACH, MAYOR                                                  Lorrie Clevenger, Clerk

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