Council Minutes: February 14th, 2018




The Regular Meeting of Magnolia Village Council was called to order on February
14 th , 2018 at 7:00 P.M. at the Magnolia Village Hall by Mayor Robert Leach. Members present were Jim Hunter, Jim Miller, Grant Downes, Jessica Miller and Eric White. Claudia Rogers was absent. Also present were Police Chief Jeff Hager and Solicitor Kevin L’Hommedieu.


  • Reggie Stoltzfus Candidate for State House of Representatives
    • Reggie is a native of  Stark County, raised in the Hartville area. He and his wife are business owners employing about 40 local residents and attends Minerva First Christian Church. Reggie is a Paris Township Trustee since 2016 currently serving as Board President. Reggie feels that families are very important, they are the backbone of society. He is on the May Primary Ballot and would like our votes.
  • Don Nicholson-Magnolia Fire Dept.
    • Nicholson asked where we are on the funds for the new fire station? Miller went over the Building Fund Report given to the Fire Dept. in January. We need to borrow $105,000.00 for completion of the building. The savings will be used for dry wall, paint and insulation. They can purchase paint for the Fire Dept. to do the painting. The other work has to be bid out and prevailing wages paid. Miller moved and Hunter seconded to authorize the Mayor and Clerk to borrow $105,000.00 from the Bank of Magnolia for construction of the new fire station. All ayes. Ord. #2-18-2. This loan will be repaid by the funds from the Fire Levy Building Fund. Downes moved and White seconded to suspend the statutory rules and pass on its first reading. All ayes.
  • Lease Agreement
    • L’Hommedieu will have the new lease agreement completed in
      about one week, he will forward it on to their attorney, Charles Hall for his approval. Loomis asked about having their annual fund raiser in October at the new building, will they be permitted to have alcohol? L’Hommedieu said the Fire Dept. and the Village should check with their insurance carriers. Individuals would be bringing their own alcoholic beverages.
  • Minutes
    • Hunter moved and White seconded to approve the minutes of the January 10th Reorganizational Meeting and the Regular Meeting. All ayes.
  • Clerk-Treasurer’s Report
    • Miller moved and Downes seconded to approve the Clerk Treasurer’s Report as presented by the clerk. All ayes.
  • Old Business
    • Fire Dept. Building – Insurance Coverage – Discussed the insurance coverage after completion of the construction phase. Clerk will check with Joel Bender of Whitaker Myers on a quote for the new building. Fire Dept. will also check with their present insurance carrier.
    • Newly Elected Council Training – 3/24/18- Grant Downes and Jessica Miller will be attending the OML Newly Elected Council Training Saturday, March 24 th , 2018 at Independence, Ohio.
    • Government Law Seminar – 2/24/18 at Exploration Gateway, Sippo Lake – Bob Leach, Jim Hunter, Jim Miller, Grant Downes and Jessica Miller will be attending.
    • Excuse Rogers – Miller moved and Hunter seconded to excuse Claudia Rogers from tonight’s meeting. All ayes.
  • New Business
    • Bank of Magnolia Depository Agreement – Deposit of Public Funds-Ohio for the period commencing Jan. 1, 2018-December 31, 2018. The Bank participates in the Ohio Pooled Collateral Program. Hunter moved and White seconded to enter into the Depository Agreement w/The Bank of Magnolia. All ayes.
    • Reilly Street Sweeping Contract – White moved and Downes seconded to enter into a contract with Reilly Sweeping, Inc. to sweep the village streets before Memorial Day. All ayes. Cost in 2017 was $1182.00.
    • Annual Appropriation Ordinance – Downes moved and Hunter seconded to pass Ord. #2-18- 3
    • Annual Appropriation Ord. for all funds totaling $1,232,019.76. All ayes. Miller moved and White seconded to suspend the statutory rules and pass on its first reading. All ayes.
    • ODOT Bicycle Resolution – Coordinating efforts with local jurisdictions to designate Ohio’s first U.S. State Bike Route network. SBR85 is a shared path along Bowmont Ave.; SBR62 is a shared patch along Main St. to Willowdale Ave. SE., 542 connects into Rte. 183. Miller moved and Downes seconded to pass Res. #2-018- 1. All ayes.
    • S.V. Elementary School – Guys with ties & Girls with pearls – Is being coordinated by Jennifer Bible at Sandy Valley Elementary School for 3,4 & 5 th grade students, dressing for success and impact life skills. They are requesting donations; we cannot spend village funds for this.
    • Meeting Date for March – Mayor Leach requested council change the meeting date from March 14th , 2018 to March 7th , 2018 due to the Stark County Regional Planning Annual Dinner which he will be attending. Miller moved and Hunter seconded to change the date to March 7th, 2018. All ayes.
    • Carroll County Health District Advisory Board Meeting March 1st – Downes will be attending.
  • Committee Reports
    • Utilities
      • Chairperson Miller had no report. Downes reported that he has been following up with AEP to have the old poles removed hopefully in the next few weeks.
    • Finance
      • Chairman Miller sent a message to Allen Dale Fornash that he did a good job plowing during the last snow storms. Fornash has been repairing pot holes. Fornash is not interested in a full- time position. Discussed whether to hire part-time or full- time. Clerk should put the street applications out once again, Downes will put it on the village web site.
    • Streets & Alleys
      • Chairman Downes reported there have been some issues with the village truck. Discussed street patching, possibly do some chip and seal. Lynwood and Elson Streets definitely need addressed this summer. Discussed the OUPS notices and how to get them delivered to Schmidt. Downes will send them to Hager and Hager can fax them to Schmidt.Will contact Schmidt. Downes will add to the website council members telephone numbers and the committees they are on.
      • Traffic Light- Received a quote from Brian Burkhart for traffic light repairs in the amount of $2,200.00, will be paid out of State Highway Funds. Jessica moved and Downes seconded to have Burkhart repair the traffic light. All ayes.
    • Parks & Public Buildings
      • Chairman White had no report.
    • Safety
      • Chairman Hunter reported East Sparta had 180 hrs. = $4,800.00 for the month of January. Hager reported that he attended the workshop on Tuesday, Feb. 13th , Dealing w/Difficult People, well worth it.
      • Fire Chief Don Nicholson, Jr. – Presented the 2017 Yearly Fire Report- 72 incidents, Pg. 7 incidents calls by district, Pg. 9 breakdown by classification, Pg. 11 is the time analysis. Average 6 people per call, within 1-minute truck is manned, average en route response time is 5:37 minutes trucks are out of the station. They try to hold the truck at the station for 5 min. to fill the truck with personnel.
    • Cemetery
      • Chairperson Rogers was absent. Miller reported $500.00 was received for grave services for the month of January 2018.
  • Solicitor’s Report
    • No report.
  • Consideration of Ordinances
    • Miller moved and Hunter seconded to pass Ordinance #2-18- 4 Appropriation Ordinance to Transfer Funds within the Temporary Appropriations. All ayes. White moved and Downes seconded to suspend the statutory rules and pass on its first reading. All ayes.
  • Action on Bills
    • Downes moved and Hunter seconded to pay the bills as presented by the clerk totaling $12,970.25. All ayes.
  • Mayor’s Report
    • Discussed the Cemetery Clerk’s position. A new clerk needs to be appointed.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 P.M.

_________________________________                                       ________________________

Robert Leach, Mayor                                                           Lorrie Clevenger, Clerk

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