Council Minutes: January 10th, 2018



The Regular Meeting of Magnolia Village Council was called to order on January
10th , 2018 at 7:00 P.M. at the Magnolia Village Hall by Mayor Robert Leach. Members present were Jim Hunter, Jim Miller, Grant Downes, Claudia Rogers, Jessica Miller and Eric White. Also present were Police Chief Jeff Hager and Solicitor Kevin L’Hommedieu.
Visitors – There were no visitors.

  • Minutes
    • Rogers moved and White seconded to approve the minutes of the December 13th , 2017
      meeting. All ayes.
  • Clerk-Treasurer’s Report
    • Hunter moved and Miller seconded to approve the Clerk-Treasurer’s Report as
      presented by the clerk. All ayes.
  • Old Business
    • Fire Dept. Building – All work is done inside except for the office. Wash room, training room and gear room framed in; ready for electric, dry wall and insulation to be started. Next draw will be the end of February for $90,000.00. Miller said we must factor in the interest rate and need to decide what kind of term they want. The income from the levy for 2018 is approximately $62,000.00. Fire Dept. has enough money to finish the outside. Discussed the $75,000.00 loan which has $7,500.00 payments each year.
    • Traffic Light – White talked with Loomis who got in touch with Burkhart. Burkhart will check the traffic light and get back to Loomis with his recommendations.
  • New Business
    • Camera Work at Park – Miller moved and Rogers seconded to split the expense with the BPA to replace the camera at the tennis court, approximately $196.00. All ayes.
    • Contract w/Canton Law Department – Hunter moved and Downes seconded to enter into a contract with the Canton Law Dept. for prosecution of criminal cases 1/1/18–12/31/19 at the cost of $5,000.00 or $625.oo per quarter. All ayes.
    • Dispatching Contract Nimishillen Twp. – Downes moved and Miller seconded to enter into a contract with the Nimishillen Twp. Board of Trustees for 24 hr. a day dispatching services at the rate of $600.00 per month beginning Jan. 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018. All ayes. East Sparta is charged $300.00 with their monthly police protection invoice.
    • Governmental Law Seminar 2/24/18 Exploration Gateway Sippo Lake – $25.00 for each attendee; Downes moved and Rogers seconded to pay for Bob Leach, Grant Downes, Jessica Miller, Jim Miller and Jim Hunter to attend the Governmental Law Seminar. All ayes.
    • Newly Elected Council Training 3/24/18 at Independence, Ohio – Hunter moved and Rogers seconded to pay $65.00 each for Grant Downes and Jessica Miller to attend the Council Training on 3/24/18. All ayes.
    • Village Worker – Miller reported that Allen Dale Fornash had talked to him about January 6th approaching. When we hired Dale Fornash he said he would work until January 6th , 2018. Fornash is still available to work but would like to be put on salary basis at the rate of $15.00 an hr. for 27 ½ hrs. a week. The 27 1/2 hrs. a week would be for snow plowing and any otherduties performed will be turned in on a separate time card and paid at the same rate. Allen Dale agreed to work through the end of March. Mrs. Miller moved to pay the salary position and Rogers seconded. All ayes. Future employment will be discussed with Allen Dale.
    • Ord.#1-18- 1. If there are complaints and problems council is to call Downes and he will forward
      them to Dale.
  • Committee Reports
    • Parks & Public Bldgs. Chairman White had no report.
    • Safety Chairman Hunter reported East Sparta had 174 hrs. = $4,312.50. Hunter moved and Rogers seconded to send Jeff Hager to a one-day Seminar on Dealing W/Difficult People at the cost of $149.00 in Canton on 2/13/18. All ayes.
    • Cemetery Chairperson Rogers reported that the Cemetery received $2,475.00 for the month of December 2017.
    • Utilities Chairman Miller had no report. Jim Miller commented that residents received a letter from Spectrum and they will have to have a box for their televisions to work, they can obtain a free box for 1 yr.
    • Finance Chairman Miller reported that the village paid $25,000.00 the end of December on their street paving loan, balance is now around $3,285.53. Miller requested an Executive Session at the end of our meeting.
    • Streets & Alleys Chairman Downes reported that he is about ready to switch the web site over. Discussed the Christmas decorations, Miller will discuss the situation with Dale Fornash. Discussed getting a lift to do the decorations next year, Mayor Leach said to have Beck Electric do it.
  • Solicitor’s Report
    • No report.
  • Action on Bills
    • Downes moved and Rogers seconded to pay the bills as presented by the clerk. All ayes.
  •  Mayor’s Report
    • Bob read Lorrie Clevenger’s Thank You for her Christmas gift.
    • Bob read Jessica Miller’s resignation from her position as Cemetery Clerk due to the conflict of being a member of Village Council. She will continue to do the clerk’s job until a replacement is appointed.
  • Executive Session
    • Miller moved and White seconded to adjourn into Executive Session at 8:30 P.M. to discuss personnel. All ayes.
    • Rogers moved and Hunter seconded to reconvene into Regular Session at 8:45 P.M. All ayes.
  • Meeting adjourned at 8:45 P.M.




    ___________________________              _________________________

    Robert Leach, Mayor                       Lorrie Clevenger, Clerk

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