Council Meeting Summary: October 14th, 2020




The Regular Meeting of Magnolia Village Council was called to order on October 14, 2020 at 7:00 PM at The Magnolia Fire Department by Mayor Travis Boyd. Members present were Grant Downes, Claudia Rogers, Jessica Miller, Jim Miller.  Also present were Solicitor Kevin L’Hommedieu, Chief Hager, Mat Hawk.  Don Nicholson, Jay Herstine, Mike Rogers, Dan Joseph, Mark Manson, Boyd, Dina Picciano, Nicole Boyd, Julie Freday, Alan Tozzi, Mr. & Mrs. Bartlett. 

Claudia Rogers made a motion to excuse Eric White and Scott Noble.  The second was made by Jim Miller.  4 Ayes. 


Nicole Boyd spoke about doing a village newsletter, and handed out a sample.  She said that it would be done at no charge to the village.  Copies of the newsletter would be made available at the post office and The Nest Café.  One hundred copies would be made.   

Julie Freday, Nicole Boyd, and Dina Picciano represented the Magnolia Playground Project.  The group asked permission to remove old equipment and to turn the old basketball court into a bike safety town.  Their funds of $1700 are currently under the realm of the Historical Society.  Jim Miller asked about the possible cost of the project, since playground equipment is expensive.  The group is trying to start small to get things going, and have been talking to other villages about how they maintain their parks. The park and safety committee will schedule a meeting that the committee can come to explain their ideas. 

Dan Joseph asked about junk vehicles and junk boats.  Chief Hager said that there is no ordinance regarding junk boats, but many of the junk vehicles have been taken care of.   

Mark Manson spoke on behalf of his mom about junk vehicles and properties.  He would like to see Magnolia the way it was 30 years ago, and is willing to help to clean up the village.  

Christopher Kiko is working on his Eagle Scout project and had to attend the meeting for a merit badge.  Julie Freday said that the Magnolia playground project would love the help of an Eagle Scout. 

MINUTES:  Claudia Rogers made a motion to accept the minutes with corrections.   The motion was seconded by Grant Downes.  All members presented voted YES.   

FISCAL OFFICER’S REPORT:  The Fund Status was read. Jessica Miller made a motion to accept, which was seconded by Claudia Rogers. All Ayes 

MAT HAWK’S REPORT:  Mat Hawk reported that the village garage has been completely painted.  The support beams in the garage are fixed and painted.  He has started to pick up leaves twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays).  Almost done with the repair of the parking lot at the levee park from the person who did donuts in the parking lot.  Average Joe service will put the snowflakes.  There was an issue with the electric at the baseball fields behind the fire department.  Jay Herstine believes that it is a dead line since the old line may have been fed from the former Magnolia school.  

There has been work done on the truck.  There was a diesel leak which was not that expensive to fix.   

ADDITIONS TO BUSINESS:  Jessica Miller called the Board of Elections regarding what they were going to do to keep things clean during voting. The BOE will not clean the room after voting day.  Jessica talked to Design Restoration about cleaning and disinfecting the room, both before and after the election.  The quote was $423 for each time.  The company also quoted to clean the fire trucks once per month at $125.   Claudia Rogers made a motion to have the fire department cleaned once before the election and after the election.  The motion was seconded by Grant Downes.  All Ayes. 

Jessica also reported that she is currently working with Allison Morris and Jenn Veigel at Sandy Valley Schools to see what is needed that is COVID19 related.   They suggested a village WIFI hotspot so that students would have access to WIFI for school.  There would be restrictions (no Netflix, time limits, etc).  Possible sites would be the fire department or the park.  Would be able to shut it down for up to 6 months if needed.   

OLD BUSINESS:    Jessica Miller met with her committee about Peach Court.  The committee will create an agreement.  Jim Miller suggested having a special meeting once the agreement has been created so that any projects could be completed before the weather gets bad. 

Grant Downes stated that they need to have a zoning meeting.   The biggest concern is the rental properties and zoning. 

Alan Tozzi spoke about a call from the person who purchased the lot in front of the grange.  The owner of the property found that there was a 60 foot right of way from 1945 through the property to extend Harrison Street.  A discussion followed regarding the easement and what would be the right way to go about this.  They will come back after the zoning committee meets. 


PARKS AND PUBLIC BUILDING:  Mayor Boyd read Eric White’s report.  He is getting final estimates for the village hall so that Mayor Boyd can make the proposal to the Stark Foundation.  The clean-up day went well.  Appreciation is expressed to Sandy Valley Sanitation. 

SAFETY:  Grant Downes read the safety report from September 2020:  East Sparta, 194.5; Magnolia, 266.5; Magnolia traffic stops 14; East Sparta 6.  Magnolia traffic arrests 0; East Sparta 0.  Magnolia felony arrests 0, East Sparta 0.  Magnolia calls for service 10; East Sparta 10; Agency assists:  1.   

Chief Hager reported that the new radar gun is working well.  Four citations in the Village.  There is one potential police vehicle that they are getting more info on.  It is similar to the Ford Explorer.   

Chief Hager presented a junk vehicle list.  All of the vehicles listed on the report have been resolved expect one. 

The new police contract with East Sparta is at East Sparta for their review.   

Chief Hager interviewed two candidates for Patrolmen 2nd Class.  They are Hunter Anthony and Connor Watson.  See Ordinance 20-20-13 below.   

FIRE:  Don Nicholson reported that 5 Magnolia firefighters went to the fire at Colfor Manufacturing. The department will apply again for the MARCS radio grant.    

Trick or Treat will be held on Saturday, October 31 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.  There will be no bon fire.  

For Christmas – the department is proposing to have a drive-thru with Santa instead of the normal program.  It will be held on December 12 from 10 a.m. to Noon. 

CEMETERY:  Claudia Rogers reported that $850 was collected during the month of September.   

UTILITIES:  Scott Noble was not present.  He sent a report that the street lights have been inspected, and 5 outages were resolved.  

FINANCE: Jim Miller reported there was a special meeting for the use of COVID funds.   

Sound system ordered from Gattuso’s.  Everything is in stock except for wireless mic system.   

Safety committee and mayor have met.  ES is willing to increase to $35 per hour instead of $25.  Looking at all costs involved (wages, benefits, etc).  Proposing first of the year increase of 10% for all officers.  All of this is contingent upon if East Sparta accepts the new contract. 

Motion by Grant Downes to accept the proposed 10% raise (contingent on the acceptance of the contract by East Sparta).  The motion was seconded by Jessica Miller.  All Ayes. 

Jim reported that the Fire Department building loan was been paid off as of October 1, 2020.  He is looking into the State of Ohio grant repayment also.   

The Street Paving loan will be paid off by October 20.  

COVID funds – possible use for police payroll.   

Transfer of Funds: 

General Fund to General Fund 

  • A01-7-D-240 to A01-7-I-234:  $1600.00 
  • A01-3-B-250 to A01-3-A-240:  $2,000.00 
  • A01-7-D-211 to A01-3-A-240:  $3,500.00 
  • A01-7-B-240 to A01-7-X-234:  $200.00 
  • A01-7-E-235 to A01-3-A-240:  $700.00 

    Cemetery Fund to Cemetery Fund 
  • B03-2-A-240 to B03-2-A-211:  $1,000.00 

Grant Downes made the motion to approve the transfer, which was seconded by Claudia Rogers.  All Ayes. 

STREETS AND ALLEYS: Jessica Miller reported that she hopes to get a grant from the Municipal Grant fund to replace catch basins and repair sidewalks along Harrison and Main.  Grant Downes asked about the sidewalk in front of a property on Main Street.  She is hoping the grant will cover that. 

There was a water main break on Carrollton Street and now there is a hole in the center of the street.  Gravel has been put in the hole for now so that it can be watched to see if it expands.   

The alleys will be chip and sealed the end of October or beginning of November by Youngblood paving. 



ORDINANCE 20-20-10 

Accepting the rates for Carroll County from the County Budget Commission: 

Motion by Jim Miller 

Second by Claudia Rogers 

All Ayes 

ORDINANCE 20-20-11 

Accepting the rates for Stark County from the County Budget Commission: 

Motion by Jessica Miller 

Second by Grant Downes 

All Ayes 

ORDINANCE 20-20-12 

Amendment to appropriations to include monies collected from the CARES Act. 

Motion by Jim Miller 

Second by Grant Downes 

All Ayes 

ORDINANCE 20-20-13 

Grant Downes made a motion to hire Patrolmen 2nd class Hunter Anthony and Connor Watson.  Claudia Rogers seconded the motion.   All Ayes 

RESOLUTION 20-20-01 

Claudia Rogers made a motion to certify to the County Auditor the amounts received for the renewal of the 3-Mil tax levy.  Jim Miller seconded the motion.  All Ayes. 

Motion by Claudia Rogers 

ACTION ON BILLS:  Grant Downes made a motion to pay bills in the amount of $45,129.61.  The motion was seconded by Jessica Miller.  All Ayes. 

MAYOR’S REPORT:  Mayor Boyd reported that the online store is open for T-shirts. Reached out to Dell for municipal pricing for lap tops.  Will have to look at Plan B and Plan C. 

Claudia Rogers made a motion to adjourn.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m. 

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 P.M 

__________________________                                                __________________________ 

Travis Boyd, Mayor                                                                          Molly B. Murphy, Fiscal Officer 

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