Council Meeting Summary: January 8, 2020




The Regular Meeting of Magnolia Village Council was called to order on January 08, 2020 at 7:00 PM at The Magnolia Village Hall by Mayor Travis Boyd. Members present were Grant Downes, Claudia Rogers, Jessica Miller, Jim Miller and Eric White. Also present was Solicitor Kevin L’Hommedieu, Chief Hager and Mat Hawk.

Visitor’s Comments– Mark Wadsworth was present to observe council.

Jim Miller motioned to excuse Scott Noble. Motion was seconded by Eric White. All Ayes

Reorganization of Council- The Magnolia Planning Commission will be made up of Grant Downes, Travis Boyd, Allan Tozzi, Mike Rogers and Mike Lancaster. Grant Downes will serve as President pro tempore. Travis Boyd will be the representative to the Stark County Regional Planning Commission. Grant Downes will be the representative to the Carroll County Regional Planning Commission. The Mayor, with the advice and consent of Council, appointed the following officials: Allan Tozzi-Zoning Inspector, Tim Costello- Cemetery Clerk, Donnie Nicholson-Disaster Services Director and Fire Safety Officer, Chief Hager-Street Commissioner, Travis Boyd Representative to SCOG, Janet Rogers- Member Records Commission, Jerry Schilling- Representative to Quad. Council will meet regularly on the 2nd Wednesday at 7:00 PM. 

The Standing Committees on council are:

 Finance- Jim Miller, Chair, Grant Downes and Eric White.

Safety- Grant Downes, Chair, Jim Miller and Jessica Miller

Streets and Alleys-Jessica Miller, Chair, Jim Miller and Grant Downes

Utilities -Scott Noble, Chair, Claudia Rogers and Jessica Miller

Cemetery-Claudia Rogers, Chair, Scott Noble and Eric White

Parks and Public Buildings-Eric White, Chair, Claudia Rogers and Scott Noble

Minutes– Jim Miller Motioned and Claudia Rogers seconded to approve the minutes of the December council meeting. All Ayes.

Fiscal Officer’s Report– Fund status was read. Motion to accept by Jessica Miller and seconded by Claudia Rogers. All Ayes.

Mat Hawk’s Report– Only had to salt once during the last month. The trash cans around town have been emptied and are beginning to fall apart. Gravel is needed between the garage and the paper recycling bin. Sewer grate at Plain and Main broke. Tom Trushell will be making a new one. Village truck was in the shop for an oil leak. Caleb says the mower has about a year left. Mat would like to paint the garage when the weather breaks.

Old Business-Mark Leichtamer is willing to be temporarily appointed to the water board. Motion to appoint Mark Leichtamer was made by Jim Miller and seconded by Claudia Rogers. All Ayes.

Grant has not heard back from ODOT about purchasing salt from them.

New cameras are waiting to be installed by the technician.

New Business-Cut wood from trees is on the sidewalk on the corner of Harrison and North Main. Grant will notify property owner to have them removed.

Committee Reports:

Streets and Alleys– Snowflake project was a success. Have received many compliments from villagers. Asked Mat to check the alleys for pot holes. Quicksall has not heard from ODOT about the Oil and Gas Grant. Checking with Troy Hysong and street and crack patching.

Parks and Buildings– Lights are out at the basketball courts. Village hall exterior needs painted. Roof on the new pavilion and the eat stand needs replaced. Dave Rock will be getting quotes.

Safety– Safety statistics were provided by Chief Hager. Paid Officers had a total of 519.5 hours. East Sparta had 260.50 and Magnolia had 259. Car 2 was used for 972 miles and has 56,758 miles. Car 3 was used for 1,471 miles and has 30,658 miles. Car 4 was used for 65 miles and has a total of 109,027 miles. Car 4 was out of service most of December due to gas gage problem. There were 44 traffic stops. East Sparta had 28 while Magnolia had 16. East Sparta had 1 and Magnolia had 3 traffic arrests. There were 2 crash reports both in East Sparta. There were 31 total calls for service. East Sparta had 13 and Magnolia had 18. Magnolia had 1 Agency Assists. 

Cemetery-Claudia Rogers reported that $500 has been collected for the month. 

Utilities– Jessica Miller checked with AEP but they don’t have  LED street lights.

Finance– This year the village will be transitioning to the UAN (Uniform Accounting Network).

Solicitor’s -Kevin L’Hommedieu has no report.

Consideration of Ordinances– There were no Ordinances to approve.

Action on Bills– Motion by Eric White and seconded by Jessica Miller to pay the bills presented by the Fiscal Officer. All Ayes.

Mayor’s report– Mayor Boyd thanked council for their patience during his first meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 P.M

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