Council Meeting Summary: December 11, 2019




The Regular Meeting of Magnolia Village Council was called to order on December 11, 2019 at 7:00 PM at The Magnolia Village Hall by Mayor Robert Leach. Members present were Grant Downes, Claudia Rogers, Jessica Miller, Jim Miller, Jim Hunter and Eric White. Also present was Solicitor Kevin L’Hommedieu, Lieutenant Six, Chief Hager, Don Nicholson, Travis Boyd and Mat Hawk.

Minutes– Claudia Rogers motioned and Jim Hunter seconded to accept the minutes from the November council meeting. All Ayes.

Fiscal Officer’s Report– Fund status was read. Motion to accept by Jim Miller and seconded by Grant Downes. All Ayes.

Mat Hawk’s Report-Mat has been busy salting the roads.

Old Business- Board of Public Affairs has two vacancies. Jay Herstine and Mark Leichtamer did not seek another term. Jay Herstine is willing to be appointed by Council. Jim Miller motioned and Claudia Rogers seconded to appoint Jay Herstine to the Board of Public Affairs. All Ayes

Snowflake installation will begin by John Spencer. Equipment needs upgraded on siren pole. A timer will be placed on the new pole at the playground side. The snowflakes will on existing service.  Two wreaths are out. Will be changing bulbs on wreaths to LED. Claudia Rogers will be changing the bows for next year.

New Business-Village council has a vacancy and Mayor Leach recommended appointing Grant Downes. Claudia Rogers motioned and Jim Hunter seconded to appoint Grant Downes to Village Council. All Ayes.

Grant Downes has reached out to other municipalities to see what zoning laws they have to help control residents not taking care of their property. The zoning committee will be meeting to come up with some proposals for council. Grant also presented our website and social media overview. The website reached over 30 thousand people. The most popular events were Canal Days, Clean Up Days and Trick or Treat.

The Christmas Tree drop off will be near the village garage. It will last until January 20.

The reception for Mayor Leach will be February 9, 2020 at the Magnolia United Methodist Church from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

Committee Reports:

Finance– Made a large principal payment on the street loan. Temporary Appropriations were read for 2020. Jim Miller motioned and Jim Hunter seconded to approve the Temporary Appropriations. All Ayes.

Streets and Alleys– We are looking to see if the village can purchase salt from ODOT at a cheaper rate. Stark County sent their vacuum truck to clean the remaining catch basins.

Parks and Buildings– Stark Parks would like a letter of support for Fry Park. They are working on the Dark Sky Initiative. The wooden playground equipment needs to be removed. Dina Tozzi is trying to apply for grants to get new equipment. Would like to add a camera at the park by the fire station. Some playground equipment has been ruined by vandals.

Safety– Safety statistics were provided by Lieutenant Six. Paid Officers had a total of 428 hours. East Sparta had 218 and Magnolia had 210. Car 2 was used for 888 miles and has 55,786 miles. Car 3 was used for 1,265 miles and has 29,187 miles. Car 4 was used for 553 miles and has a total of 108,962 miles. There were 46 traffic stops. East Sparta had 28 while Magnolia had 18. East Sparta had 4 traffic arrest. Magnolia had one crash report. Magnolia had 1 OVI arrest. East Sparta had one misdemeanor arrest. There were 24 total calls for service. East Sparta had 17 and Magnolia had 7. Magnolia had 2 Agency Assists. The police department is looking into purchasing hand held radar guns. The cost range is $900.00-$1,500.00 per unit. Car 4 is showing signs that it needs to be replaced.

Cemetery-Claudia Rogers reported $900 has been collected for the month.

Utilities– Nothing to report.

Solicitor’s -Kevin L’Hommedieu has no report.

Consideration of Ordinances– 

Action on Bills– Motion by Eric White and seconded by Jim Hunter to pay the bills presented by the Fiscal Officer. All Ayes.

Mayor’s report– Captain Love from the Army Corp. of Engineers would like to have a meeting to discuss the levy. It will be at the Village Hall on December 12, at 1:00 PM. The temporary appropriations were read. Jim Miller motioned and Jim Hunter seconded to approve them. All Ayes. The 2020 Supplemental Fire contract was also presented. Grant Downes motioned and Claudia Rogers seconded to renew. All Ayes.  Mayor Leach also expressed his appreciation to the past and current council members for making his terms enjoyable.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 P.M

__________________________ __________________________

Travis  Boyd, Mayor Joe Marcoaldi, Fiscal Officer

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