Council Meeting Summary: June 12, 2019

Magnolia Village Council
Regular Meeting June 12, 2019

The regular meeting of Magnolia Village Council was called to order June 12 at 7:00 PM
at the Magnolia Village Hall by Mayor Leach. All council members were present except
Councilman Jim Miller. In attendance also were Chief Hager of the Police Department
and Cindy Mayle Fiscal Officer. Visitors included Scott Belcastro of Trebel, Inc., Dena
Picciano, Dan Joseph Bryant Green and Member of the Board of Public Affairs Jay

 Scott Belcastro of Trebel, Inc. gave a report of the prices of natural gas and
electricity at present and showed that aggregation prices have been below the
average “settlement” prices. Council authorized Mayor Leach to execute an
agreement with a Gas Supplier for the Gas Aggregation Program at a fixed rate
not to exceed $0.41 per Ccf or at a variable rate not to exceed NYMES Month
end Settlement plus a fixed adder of $0.118 per Ccf. Council also authorized the
Mayor to execute an agreement with an electric supplier for the program at a
fixed rate not to exceed $0.05 per KWh.
 Dena Picciano is working toward upgrading the children’s playground at the
former Magnolia School site. She stated that she needs volunteers to help in
securing funds. Her group has $1800 at this time but much more is needed.
She would like initially to install a fence around the playground for safety
 Bryant Green volunteered to work on village equipment and do welding for the
cost of materials.
 Council gave Dan Joseph permission to paint stop bars on Cline, Carrollton and
Morges Road. He will provide both labor and materials.
The Fiscal Officer’s Report showed a balance of $428,482.95 in all funds. Council
authorized bills totaling $26,136.79 to be paid.

Old Business
 Boy Scout Troop 157 replace glass in the broken windows on the second floor of
Village Hall.
 Chief Hager spoke to the owner of a property on East Carrollton Street. The
owner indicated that he would go about cleaning up the property.
 Council was reminded that Celebrate Magnolia will be held on Saturday June 22
sponsored by the Magnolia Area Historical Society. The Grand Opening of the
Kemp Blacksmith Shop will be the focal point of the celebration.

New Business
 Bob Pariano asked for help in getting electricity to a lot owned by him on Basin
 Jay Herstine of the Volunteer Fire Department reported that they are enlarging
their parking lot and extending it to the west driveway. He mentioned that the
firemen will hold their annual reverse raffle in October.
 The Bank of Magnolia is no longer accepting water payments. Water customers
should mail their payments to the Post Office Box (P O Box 114) listed on their
bill or place in the drop box located in the door of the police department.
 The 2003 Chevy Impala as no longer needed by the police department it will be
given to the Water Board for their use.

Committee Reports
 Finance Chairman Jim Miller was absent from the meeting. Council passed a
resolution to renew the levy for the contract with the fire department. Council
also passed an amendment to the appropriations ordinance to transfer funds.
 Streets and Alleys Chairman, Grant Downes said that Troy Hysong has about
seventy-five percent of the street patching done. It will soon be done, weather
 Parks and Public buildings chairman, Eric White brought bids for caulking the
upstairs windows at the Village Hall. Council awarded Stark Glass the contract
for $1,890.
 Safety Committee chairman Jim Hunter reported that the police department
worked 291.5 hours in Magnolia and 244.5 hours in East Sparta. There was a
total of 41 traffic stops,3 traffic arrests, no juvenile traffic cases, two
misdemeanor arrests no felony arrest and 40 calls for service in the two villages.
 Cemetery Committee chair, Claudia Rogers, noted that $1,250 was collected in
 Utilities Chairperson Jessica Miller has nothing new to report.

Mayor Leach thanked the police department for their presence at the Memorial Day
observance. He also on behalf of council thanked volunteers for their contributions to
the Village.

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