Council Meeting Summary: October 9, 2019

Magnolia Village Council
Regular Meeting October 9, 2019

The regular meeting of Magnolia Village Council was called to order September 11, at 7:00 PM at the Magnolia Village Hall by Mayor Leach. All council members were present. In attendance also were Fiscal Officer Joe Marcoaldi Police Chief Jeff Hager, Fire Chief Donnie Nicholson and village worker Mat Hawk.

Joel Bender of Whitacre-Myers Group presented a proposal for property, equipment, vehicle, and liability insurance. He noted coverage for 2020 will be $11,716 which is $358 less than 2019.

Dina Picciano requested to inform the County Auditor that the classification of her property on Minerva Road be changed from commercial to single family residential.

The Fiscal Officer’s Report showed a balance of $413,157.95 in all funds. Council approved payment of bills totaling $11,340.64.

Village worker Mat Hawk reported that ballast in the rear tires will add 350 pounds to the Kubota tractor which will aid in using the front-end loader. The tires for zero-turn mower have been ordered. He also reported that repairing and repairing the catch basin at Main and Plum is progressing. In preparing for the winter he has repaired and installed new parts on the salt spreader. New lights for the snowplow are needed. The wheelbarrow has a broken handle. Council authorized the purchase of the ballast, lights and a new wheelbarrow. Hawk also noted that trees at Plum and High and Peach court need to be trimmed so that they do not hit the top of the truck.

Old business
 Mayor Leach met with a representative of W.E. Quicksall and Associates concerning the grant application for the resurfacing of Carrollton Street. The application is on file with ODOT.

New business
 Council set Wednesday October 30 for trick or treat night. Trick or treat will be from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. followed by the Lion’s Club Costume judging and refreshments at the Village Park at 7:15 pm. Trick or treaters should go only to houses with porch lights lighted.
 Leaf pickup will occur on Monday and Thursday during the fall season. Leaves should be bagged and put by the curb. Bags should not be so heavy that they cannot be lifted into the truck with ease.
 Council passed a resolution accepting the amounts and rates certified by the County Auditor.
 Council contracted with Charles F. Harris and Associates for the Auditor’s Report. This includes financial statements and footnotes for submission to the Hinkle System.
 Council authorized Fiscal officer Joseph Marcoaldi to take steps to convert to the
Universal Accounting Network as of January 2020.  Fall cleanup day was set for Saturday, October 26th from 8:00 until noon. Trash,
garbage, tires, paint, televisions, and electronics will not be accepted.

Committee reports
 Cemetery Committee chair, Claudia Rogers, contacted a surveyor for work in the cemetery.
 Utilities Chairperson Jessica Miller has nothing new to report.
 Finance Chairman Jim Miller reported that reconciliation is progressing.
 Streets and Alleys Chairman, Grant Downes noted there has been a concern about parking on Main Street in front of a business.
 Parks and Public buildings chairman, Eric White had no report.
 Safety Committee chairman Jim Hunter reported on police activity in September. A total of 459.5 hours was recorded in Magnolia and East Sparta. There were 22 traffic stops, two traffic arrests one crash report and 24 calls for service in both villages. Council promoted Sergeant Six to Lieutenant commencing the first pay period in December. Fire chief Donnie Nicholson noted that the department had received grants of $70,000 for turnout gear and $92,000 for new air packs. Council passed one ordinance to transfer funds within the General Fund.

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