Council Meeting Summary: April 10, 2019

The regular meeting of Magnolia Village Council was called to order April 10 at 7:00 PM at the Magnolia Village Hall by Mayor Leach. All council members were present. Also in attendance were Sgt. Balish of the Police Department and Cindy Mayle, Fiscal Officer.

 Carol Hormell representing her father Carl Wanner expressed concern about her
family’s cemetery plots. Member of the Cemetery Committee Jessica Miller will
meet with him at his residence.
 Nicholas Tozzi representing the Baseball Association asked for clarification on
the parking policy at the baseball fields at the Village park.
 The Fiscal Officer’s Report showed a balance of $324,161.37 in all funds.
Outstanding bills to be paid totaled $15,505.42.

Old Business
 Councilperson Claudia Rogers has reported that 30 Snowflake decorations have
been purchased and have been delivered. They will be installed on Carrollton,
Main, Harrison Streets, and Minerva Road. She also expressed appreciation to
Joe Evans of Average Joe’s Tree Service for his help in removing the winter
street decorations and putting up the village banners.

New business
 Set the rate of pay for the Fiscal Officer and for helping with the transition for
former Fiscal Officer, Kathy Sickafoose.
 Discussed the condition of a residence on North Carrollton Street and tires at a
property on Harrison Street.
 Gave permission for the Boy Scouts to repair windows on the second floor of
Village Hall. The scouts use the second floor as their meeting rooms.

Committee reports
 Cemetery Committee chair, Claudia Rogers, noted that no money was collected
in March.
 Utilities Chairperson Jessica Miller had an inquiry concerning the franchise of
cable service in the village.
 Finance Chairman Jim Miller reported that the property tax settlements have
been received.
 Streets and Alleys Chairman Grant Downes worked with Troy Hysong to assess
the pot holes on Village streets. Council contracted with Hysong to fill and patch
potholes at a cost of $4,500.
 Parks and Public buildings chairman, Eric White stated that the renovation of the
bathroom at Village Hall has been completed. He will seek prices for pea gravel
to be installed at the playground at the Village Park and for the roof of one
pavilion. He will also seek prices for painting or siding at the Village Hall.
 Safety Committee chairman Jim Hunter reported that the police department
worked 274.5 hours in Magnolia and 227 hours in East Sparta. There was a total of of 55 traffic stops, 12 traffic arrests, no juvenile traffic cases, two misdemeanor arrests, no felony arrests, and 42 calls for service in the two villages.

The clean-up day will be Saturday April 13. Dan Trbovich of Sandy Valley Sanitation
will provide roll-offs for the disposal items.

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